Conveniently lightweight and portable, Elinchrom strobe lighting is ideal for the professional studio environment. Elinchrom monolights and flash heads have fast recycling times that streamline your workflow and are particularly useful for slowing down action.

Provides a short flash duration and fast recycling time ideal for people with busy schedules.

R 19,295.00

Provides short flash duration and fast recycling time, the best choice for anyone starting a business.

R 21,395.00
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Ideal for experimenting with creative light and shooting portraiture on-location.

R 15,495.00

A powerful core on-location lighting kit for photographers working in the studio or on the road.

R 42,965.00
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This is the kit to start with. The D-Lite RX One is a simple, easy-to-use studio lighting system.

R 10,795.00
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Use this modelling lamp with all Elinchrom studio heads that take user-replaceable modelling lamps.

R 270.00
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