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Elinchrom Light Shapers

Transform and shape lighting to your needs with Elinchrom light diffusers, modifiers and reflectors. Elinchrom sets the standard among outdoor and studio photographers with a wide range of light shaping tools: Quality, foldable Indirect Litemotiv softboxes for easy setup and transportation, and sixteen-sided Litemotiv softboxes that create near-perfect circular catchlights. The Rotalux range includes quality squarebox, rectabox, stripbox, octabox, deep octabox, portalite softboxes, and accessories such as deflectors, speedrings and adapters. Lightweight deep and shallow umbrellas with fast opening systems for speed of use. Reflectors and grids that are compatible with the entire Elinchrom studio flash system. Special effect lighting accessories for sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography.

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