The pebbled surface intensifies light from your Elinchrom flash head and provides a beam spread of 50 Degree.  Edge lip allows the use of Elinchrom 8.25″ honeycomb grids.  Strong and Portable.

Brand: Elinchrom
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For use with monolight studio heads

The Elinchrom Standard Reflector (21cm) is designed to be used with all Elinchrom monolight studio heads. The pebbled silver interior surface helps to reflect and scatter light and provides a 50° beam spread. The reflector has been designed so that grids could be used directly on it without the need for any adaptors.  It can still, however, be used with the light shaper carrier if you require the use of colour gels with the grid. On its own it can be used to create a strong, harsh, directional light sometimes desired when photographing masculine subjects. A patented, durable bayonet locking system provides instant mounting.

Standard Reflector

The Standard Reflector 21cm combines high output with a good spread of light. It forms the basis of many lighting effects as it is designed to be used with the accessory holders with barn doors and honeycomb grids, gels, diffuser, etc. as well as for efficient illumination of large areas.

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What's included?

  • Elinchrom Standard Reflector 21cm, 50°
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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