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Edelkrone USB Adaptor

The Edelkrone USB Adaptor, is a powerful new way of controlling your Edelkrone motion control systems through using a computer and custom software integration. Achieve crisp and accurate footage for your stop-motion project thanks to these exceptional control capabilities. The adaptor can be connected to a single motion control unit or bundled together. Multiple adapters can be connected to the same computer with different web app controls running at the same time to make solo production a breeze. Most components in the Edelkrone motion control system can be adjusted manually for hassle-free production. 

  • For Stop-Motion Animation
  • For edelkrone Motion-Controlled Devices
  • Compatible with Dragonframe Software
  • Remote Controllable via Web App

Connect, customise and control with the Edelkrone USB Adaptor.

With the Edelkrone USB adapter, you can run any software you developed (using Edelkrone SDK) or Edelkrone Web App (which runs on a browser and lets you use key pose features) or other third-party software (such as Dragonframe) and make this software communicate with Edelkrone devices through a PC or Mac.

Hub Included

Edelkrone USB Adapter includes the Wired Signal Hub. The hub comes with the necessary cables, and it allows you to interconnect all devices that have link ports and Edelkrone USB adapters together.

Edelkrone Web App

Edelkrone motion control systems can now be controlled from a browser with the Edelkrone Web App and Edelkrone USB Adapter, you can control your entire Edelkrone ecosystem through a computer running on Microsoft Windows 10, macOS, and Linux using modern web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari).

Control multiple setups from a single computer

Multiple Edelkrone USB Adapters can be connected to a single computer, and you can run a dedicated Edelkrone Web App for each Edelkrone USB Adapter, enabling you to control multiple Edelkrone motion control setups simultaneously from the same computer.

Key features

  • Edelkrone Web App delivers the key pose features and motion Timelapse features.
  • By design, the Edelkrone Web App runs on your computer without requiring an internet connection, so you can also work offline when needed.
  • You can control pan & tilt, slide, jib, dolly and focus motions, set and recall key poses, and also adjust the transition speed and acceleration.
  • Connecting to Edelkrone devices via the Edelkrone Web App does not limit your option to also connect the devices via Edelkrone App wirelessly.

How to run Edelkrone Web App

First download, install and run the Edelkrone SDK app. Then you will be able to run Edelkrone Web App by selecting it from the list that opens from the crown icon which is at the top bar (Mac) or bottom bar (windows) of your screen.

Dragonframe Stop Motion Software Integration

By utilising an Edelkrone USB adapter, you can seamlessly integrate your HeadPLUS (v1 or v2) with Dragonframe Software. Once this connection is established, you can include a focus/zoom module or a motorised SliderPLUS into your setup for simultaneous control of all four axes directly from the Dragonframe Software interface.

However, it's crucial to note that some of our other motion control devices, specifically JibONE, DollyPLUS, DollyONE, and SliderONE, do not have compatibility with Dragonframe Software.

We would like to note that the movement you programmed through Dragon Frame can only be used in stop-motion animation and that you cannot use this movement for normal real-time video.

*Please make sure that the motor module attached to the SliderPLUS is either version v2 or v3.

What is Dragonframe?

Dragonframe is the leading animation software trusted by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers alike. With its highly acclaimed features and intuitive graphical user interface, you can easily program advanced camera moves, animate lighting, and even import and edit multiple audio tracks. Dragonframe is an animator’s dream come true.


Hand-control your entire Edelkrone motion control system, including the slide, pan, tilt and focus for hassle-free production. Camera motions (keyframes) can be positioned using your hands without the need for a remote control or mouse. This hand-control capability creates unprecedented efficiency in your workflow and makes the whole process that much more intuitive.

Turn the knob to focus

Easily control Focus/Zoom Module for HeadPLUS using the knob located on Edelkrone USB Adapter to adjust the focus of your camera. While the Edelkrone USB Adapter is optimised for the new generation HeadPLUS and Focus/Zoom Module for HeadPLUS, it can also be used with the previous generation HeadPLUS v1 and Focus Module.

Precise & repeatable motion

Both HeadPLUS and Motor Module, and their predecessors have super-accurate backlash-free gear design, which creates perfectly repeatable and smooth motion, even with the most demanding shots. The system can be moved back to the same position each time, making it especially useful when you need to retake previous frames of your animation. Edelkrone USB Adapter only supports the shoot-move-shoot motion when used with Dragonframe.

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What's in the box

  • Edelkrone USB Adaptor
    • USB-A to USB-C Converter
    • 1.5m USB-A to USB-B Cable
    • 2.5m RJ45 Link Cable
    • 3m 3.5mm to 3.5mm Link Cable
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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