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Edelkrone HeadPLUS Pro Pan and Tilt Head

Supporting setups up to 9kg, mount the EdelkronePLUS PRO onto your tripod (with 3/8"-16 screw) for smooth, precise subject-tracking motion. Control the head via the edelkrone smartphone app, or manually. You can also programme the head for time-lapse and special effects motion footage.

For sliding shots, use it with the SliderPLUS PRO with Slide Module (sold separately). This lets you control focus at points during the motion. During a pan-and-tilt sliding shot, you can pre-program to live-switch between three targets and adjust focus during movement.

  • 9.1 kg Maximum Load
  • Use on Tripod or SliderPLUS PRO
  • Manual or Smartphone App Control
  • Foldable Head for Easy Storage

This product includes an L-bracket with 1/4"-20 mounting screw for your camera, a LINK cable, and width extenders for use with the SliderPLUS PRO legs. Power the unit with a separately available AC adapter or optional V-mount, Gold mount, LP-E6, or NP-F battery plates.

Motorised Pan & Tilt Head with optional Focus Add-on. Includes smart object tracking with autofocusing + wireless connectivity with Edelkrone motorised Sliders and Dollies.

Automatic Target Tracking

HeadPLUS can learn 3 different targets, can keep any of them in the frame and focus on them even when it's moving on Edelkrone sliders and dollies. With this automatic feature, you can achieve elegant parallax shots without spending any time programming the system.

Live Target Switching

You can make a smooth transition between any of the three preset targets by selecting your desired target through the App. During each transition, HeadPLUS elegantly frames the new target and focuses while keeping the target in frame and focus as the camera moves.

Instant Target Learning

If you add Laser Module to HeadPLUS, you can teach the position of any stationary target to the system instantly. Just aim on the target and press OK. The camera will instantly frame and focus on the target.

Can be hand-controlled

You can manually adjust the pan and tilt angle of the HeadPLUS. Instead of relying on a remote control, you can program your camera motions with just your hands! This gives an unprecedented speed to your workflow, and makes the whole process much more intuitive.

Connects wirelessly to edelkrone sliders, jibs, and dollies

When combined with a slider, jib or dolly, you can easily program 2-, 3-, or 4-axis camera motions. You can record never-before-seen, amazing motion time-lapses and visual effects shots with any combination you choose.

Any combination will be detected automatically and paired seamlessly to work together:

  • Sliders: Motorised sliders with their unique design approach and portability: SliderPLUS and SliderONE
  • Jibs: Motorised jibs that do it all and capture vertical, horizontal and diagonal camera motion in seconds: JibONE
  • Dollies: Motorised rail-less dollies to create linear or curved camera motions: DollyONE and DollyPLUS

Super easy time-lapse programming

Setting up a motion time-lapse is the easiest with edelkrone App. In your time-lapse videos, you can have a simple transition between two keyposes or you can convert a recorded complex camera motion into a time-lapse with a single button. You can use edelkrone’s unique Dynamic Interval and Dynamic Step Size Technologies to introduce never-before-seen efects to your time-lapses which bend the speed of time and speed of camera motion independently of each other.

Single App to control all

edelkrone App cleverly scans the available devices in its surroundings and pairs with them automatically, giving you a single screen to control all devices together.

The interface is extremely simple. Use the controls on the top part of the App screen to set the pose of your camera. Press and hold on any of the keypose buttons to record that pose. Use the same button to recall that pose. It’s that simple. Press 2 keyposes to put the system in loop between both keyposes.

You can adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between keyposes. Or, you can easily create time-lapse videos by using the same keyposes.

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What's in the box

  • Edelkrone HeadPLUS PRO Pan and Tilt Head
  • L-Bracket
  • Leg Width Extenders
  • Link Cable
  • Allen Key
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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