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What’s the best thing since the DJI Spark

Don’t get caught without battery life in the middle of a once in a lifetime photo-op. The tiny but powerful DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery enables 16 minutes of flight on a single charge! Additionally, the Spark's battery estimates remaining flight time, letting you know when to land in real-time. DJI Spark Spare Battery uses a high-energy density LiPo battery for optimal performance and 12 intelligent protection functions help deliver safe flight. It has a capacity of 1480 mAh and a voltage of 11.4 V. 

How long is the DJI Spark Battery charge time?

The Charging time of the DJI Spark Intelligent Flight Battery depends on the method you use to charge the battery. When using a standard USB charger it will take about 80 minutes to fully charge a battery and when using the Spark Battery Charging Hub the time will vary depending on a number of batteries you charge at a time. It would take on average 52 minutes to fully charge one battery, 55 minutes when charging two batteries and about 85.2 minutes when charging three batteries at the same time.

DJI Spark Battery Compatibility

The Intelligent Flight Battery for the DJI Spark is compatible with the Spark mini-drone and the Spark Battery Charging Hub.


  • Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo) Flight Battery
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • 16-minute max flight time (top speed of 12.4 mph (20 kph) in windless conditions)
  • 12 intelligent protection functions
  • Checks remaining flight time in real-time
  • Capacity:  1480 mAh
  • Voltage:  11.4 V
  • Max Charging Voltage:  13.05 V
  • Battery Type:  LiPo 3S
  • Energy:  16.87 Wh
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 95 g
  • Charging Temperature Range:  5° to 40° C

Intelligent Flight Battery

1480 mAh
11.4 V
Battery Type
LiPo 3S
16.87 Wh
Battery Weight
Approx. 95 g
Max Flight Time
16 minutes
Operating Temperature
5°C to 40°C

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  • Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery × 1
  • Limited 6-Month Warranty and charge cycle less than 200 times warranty. 

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