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Datacolor Spyder X2 Elite

The Datacolor Spyder X2 Elite is a powerful colorimeter and software system ideal for photographers and hybrid content creators. It features faster and straightforward colour calibration and customisation. Users are can easily maintain consistent and accurate colour output across all devices. The re-engineered software provides a more concise user interface and experience. 

  • Measures up to 750 nits of Brightness
  • Precise Screen Color and White Balance
  • Calibrates in Under 2 Minutes
  • Lens-Based Color Engine Technology

Spyder is renowned for accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility.

Spyder X2 Elite

Colour calibration tool for display monitors. Ideal for photographers, hybrid photo/video producers, digital designers and content creators with standard to advanced calibration needs who may run multiple displays on one or more computers. Ideal for use in studios/set workspaces.

Spyder X2 Elite’s re-engineered software provides a more concise UI (user interface) experience along with colour customisation and control with the accuracy, ease-of-use, and flexibility for which Spyder is renowned. For users considering entering the HDR/high-brightness monitor market, X2 Elite allows for a seamless, affordable upgrade to Spyder X2 Ultra software – no need to purchase new hardware!

How it works

Display calibration optimises your monitor’s colour performance and accuracy for your workflow (photography, videography, etc.). This quick and easy process measures evaluates and corrects your monitor display for an accurate view of your digital world.

Spyder monitor calibrators create an ICC display profile that is used by the video card and colour-managed software in your computer’s operating system. A calibrated display enables your computer to show a true colour representation of your image file within your editing software so you can make accurate editing decision to create the look you want.

Spyder X2 makes calibration accurate and easy, helping you each step of the way.

Step One

Download, install and launch the Spyder software. You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about your display and workflow which will be saved for future calibrations.

Step Two

Place the Spyder device on your display within the outline and let the Spyder software go to work. It will take a series of measurements to build the ICC profile and help you adjust your display’s brightness.

Step Three

When the measurements are completed, remove the sensor from your display and save the profile which remains housed in your computer to be used for this monitor moving forward. You can always simply delete the profile to return to your monitor’s factory default settings.

Includes These Great Features

Advanced Display Mapping & Analysis

Get a better understanding of the colour, brightness, contrast, gamut, tone response and white point of your monitors. You can also check screen brightness, colour uniformity, and display colour accuracy.

Side-by-side Multiple Computer/Display Calibration

Studio Match provides simultaneous side-by-side calibration for multiple computers/displays. Ensures consistent and accurate colour reproduction across multiple connected monitors with most monitor types.

Video and Cinema Targets

Experience a more concise user interface (UI) experience.

Rec. 709, Rec. 2020

Unlimited Calibration Settings

Starting with industry-standard presets, you can customise settings to meet all your calibration needs, including fully customisable gamma curves, white point, and brightness settings.

Soft Proofing

Allows you to simulate other displays and devices on your calibrated screen. For printers, you can see how prints will look for a specific printer model, paper and ink, and upload ICC printer profiles.

Room Light Monitoring

An integrated ambient light sensor measures your room light throughout the day allowing you to adjust your display brightness and contrast to ideal levels. The software can either warn you to recalibrate or do it automatically using custom profiles based on light level.

  • Remastered software provides a cleaner more concise user interface (UI) experience.
  • New hardware with native USB-C connection. Also includes USB-A adaptor for added convenience.
  • Ideal for photography and hybrid photo/video work.
  • X2 Elite’s features allow for a range of skill levels/needs – from expert-recommended calibration presets to more advanced, customised colour control.
  • For users wanting more advanced calibration features, X2 Elite includes Video & Cinema Targets (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020); Advanced Display Mapping & Analysis; Unlimited Calibration Settings; Soft Proofing; Studio Match for multiple monitor calibration.
  • Expanded, adaptable sensor capabilities allow for seamless, affordable upgrade to Spyder X2 Ultra software if HDR/High-brightness monitor calibration is needed.


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What's in the box

  • Datacolor Spyder X2 Elite Colorimeter
    • USB-C to USB-A Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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