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Canon RF-4 Body Cap for EOS M Cameras

This simple and inexpensive little cap is your first line of defence against these deteriorating effects, and works exclusively with the Canon EOS M mirrorless series of cameras.

  • Protects Camera Sensor / Mechanics
  • Prevents Dust, Dirt and Debris

The RF-4 Camera Cover (Body Cap) for EOS M Mirrorless Camera from Canon is a simple yet vital part of safely storing and maintaining your mirrorless camera body. Pressing and twisting this cap on will keep dust, dirt, and debris out of the sensitive inner workings of your device, while it is easily removed with one hand when you need to attach a lens instead. Chief among these delicate internal parts are your sensor that, when scratched or dirty, will leave visible marks and blemishes in all of your subsequent photographs.

  • Covers your EOS M mirrorless camera opening when not in use
  • Prevents damaging effects of dust, dirt and debris from getting into the camera and onto the sensor
  • Simple, inexpensive, and vital part of protecting and maintaining your gear
This product has been discontinued.
There are no replacements or alternatives available for this item.

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