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Canon Binoculars for Sale


Canon’s 12x36 IS III portable binoculars are compact and lightweight, the ideal tool for the trailbl..

R 13,495.00 R 16,195.00

With 10x magnification and image stabilisation for a super-steady view.

R 9,995.00 R 10,995.00

Enjoy beautiful handheld views of birds, nature and spectator sports with this premium Canon 10x binoculars with IS.

R 22,495.00 R 24,995.00

These binoculars counter your handshake with an internal Image Stabilisation system for clearer, steadier handheld images.

R 22,495.00 R 24,995.00

Watch smaller birds and distant objects in handheld comfort using this high-quality, 14x binoculars with Powered IS.

R 24,995.00

Bring the world closer with these compact, easy-to-use, lightweight binoculars.

R 8,995.00 R 9,795.00

Canon’s 10x30 IS II portable binoculars are compact and lightweight, the ideal tool for the trailbla..

R 8,395.00 R 10,895.00

With waterproof housing, the Canon 10x42L IS WP binoculars provide superior clarity and stabilised f..

R 27,895.00

Canon 15x50 are high-power binoculars with IS and an all-weather design. Designed for professionals and enthusiasts.

R 21,995.00

Game viewing can be troublesome with shaky hands, but not with these binoculars that excel in correcting handshake.

R 5,295.00 R 5,895.00

The Canon 18x50 are high-power binoculars with Image Stabilizer and all-weather design. High magnifi..

R 24,995.00
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