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Canon BP-820 Lithium-ion Camcorder Battery

The Canon BP-820 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is small and lightweight, and can be charged or discharged at any time without developing memory effects, meaning it will never lose its ability to hold a full charge.
It has a voltage of 7.4V and a capacity of 1780mAh.

Compatible With:

  •     LEGRIA HF G10
  •     LEGRIA HF G20
  •     LEGRIA HF G30
  •     LEGRIA HF M30
  •     LEGRIA HF M300
  •     LEGRIA HF M301
  •     LEGRIA HF M31
  •     LEGRIA HF M32
  •     LEGRIA HF M40
  •     LEGRIA HF M400
  •     LEGRIA HF M41
  •     LEGRIA HF S10
  •     LEGRIA HF S100
  •     LEGRIA HF S11
  •     LEGRIA HF S20
  •     LEGRIA HF S200
  •     LEGRIA HF S21
  •     LEGRIA HF S30
  •     LEGRIA HF11
  •     LEGRIA HF20
  •     LEGRIA HF200
  •     LEGRIA HF21
  •     LEGRIA HG20
  •     LEGRIA HG21
  •     XA10
  •     XA10RFD
  •     XA20
  •     XA25


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  • Canon BP-820 Lithium-ion Camcorder Battery

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