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Point-of-View Action Cameras

Point-of-view (or action cameras) are small, lightweight and rugged little cameras capable of taking still photographs and HD video footage - made famous by GoPro. Adventure junkies prefer action cameras to document their stories and crazy adrenaline fuelled attempts. You can mount them in various ways and, since they are often waterproof, you don‘t have to worry about water damage.

You can mount a point-of-view camera on your mountain bike's handlebars to get an action-packed HD video of your downhill race, or on your surfboard facing you to get amazing shots riding through the tube. Mount it on the front of your 4x4 to get an interesting view point when you cross that river or hide it in a bush to get some amazing close-up shots of those lions! You can also mount it on your helmet to document your very first skydive in High Definition. These are only a few possibilities. There are hundreds more!

A dual-screen action camera offering 4K/60p video. Waterproof to 11m.

R 6,995.00

The smallest 3-axis stabilised handheld camera.

R 6,995.00

Features unshakable HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation and built-in mounting.

R 7,495.00

Capture immersive 360 footage in 5.6K and vlog like a pro.

R 9,995.00

Captures up to 5.7K resolution 360 video at 30 fps and 18MP photos.

R 8,695.00

Effectively reduces reflected light intensity and increases transmitted light.

R 940.00

Freakishly smooth footage. Smart-capture superpowers. Battle-tested & waterproof without a housing.

R 6,495.00

HERO7 Silver is the perfect camera for adventures big and small. It’s built tough and totally waterproof.

R 4,495.00

Lets you mount action cameras onto mobile gimbals for horizontal and vertical shots.

R 395.00

CPL Pro filters allow you to control every single lightning situation you could experiment.

R 250.00

Covers and fixes the pan and tilt movement during storage.

R 175.00

For content creators looking to take the Omso Pocket to its limits.

R 345.00

The Circular Polariser filter rotates to reduce glare and enhance colour saturation and contrast.

R 690.00

The Shutter Filter 3-Pack is a good starter set for mild lighting conditions (Includes ND4, ND8, and ND16).

R 1,465.00

Set consists of ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32 & ND64 filters.

R 2,280.00

A starter set of ND / Polariser filters for mild lighting conditions.

R 1,465.00

ND/PL filters designed to control your shutter speed in nearly every lighting condition.

R 2,280.00

This 10-pack includes ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 filters.

R 5,465.00

Three filters designed to control your Osmo Pocket's shutter speed in most lighting conditions.

R 1,145.00

3 filters designed to control your Osmo Pocket's shutter speed in the majority of lighting conditions.

R 1,145.00

Premium image quality from an ultra-compact and tough body.

R 16,995.00

Affordable waterproof and shockproof activity camera made to endure your adventures.

R 2,895.00

Provides 2-Prong Mount for 3-Prong Accessories.

R 335.00

Provides precise gimbal control & quick change between gimbal modes.

R 1,055.00

Includes the Controller Wheel, Wireless Module, Accessory Mount, and a 32GB microSD Card.

R 1,935.00
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