Disposable cameras are lightweight and compact so they can simply slide into your pocket making them perfect for taking on adventures. All you have to do is capture those unique memories, drop the camera off for the film to be developed, wait and show the photos to all your loved ones.

Lomography's Simple Use Film Cameras are no ordinary disposable cameras. These modern disposable cameras are exciting! The Colour Negative and LomoChrome cameras are equipped with colour gel filters that, if mixed and matched together, will produce different hues for your photographs.

Disposable film cameras of today are like going back in time with ease of modern technology.

Lomography Simple Use Film Camera 400 ISO (Black & White)

You get 36 exposures of the beautiful Lady Grey Monochrome 400 ISO film at your disposal. Have fun with Monochrome.

R 360.00
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Lomography Simple Use Film Camera 400 ISO (LomoChrome Purple)

Shake things up and have some creative, psychedelic fun with the LomoChome Purple, easy to use film camera.

R 450.00
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Fujifilm Quicksnap Fashion Disposable Camera with Flash (27 Exposures)

Fujifilm Fashion single use disposable camera is loaded with SUPERIA X-TRA 400 has 27 exposures and a built-in flash.

R 190.00
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Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine Underwater Disposable Camera

This disposable underwater camera is excellent for any holiday where you want to take a few fun pictures for memories.

R 275.00
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