Transform flat light into flattering, natural-looking light by taking your flash off-camera. Quality Cactus wireless studio lighting equipment enables you to control off-camera flash at the push of a button, whether you choose to connect your slave flash with a shutter release cable, or flash sync multiple setups wirelessly. With flash sync, flash fires at the precise moment that the camera shutter is open so you can take creative control of your flash photography. With Cactus radio flash triggers you will benefit from increased versatility and mobility:

  • Versatility: Unlike optical flash trigger setups, wireless flash triggers do not require a direct line of sight with the transceiver, enabling you to place multiple flashes at various positions. You can even set up a wildlife camera trap for fast-moving, small or shy subjects with the Cactus V5 radio flash trigger.
  • Mobility: With wireless remote flash triggers, there is no trip hazard, and you can place flash at greater distances, allowing you more creative lighting control.

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