Every picture has a story to tell. These words ring true for photographer and fine artist, Kseniya Che who incorporates her studies in art into her photography. She grew up in Solnechnogors, a charming town near Moscow. From a young age, Kseniya enjoyed painting and went on to study Art, which she believes helps her photography: “Everything I like about painting can be applied in photography too: colour, contrast and composition”.

Double exposure photograph
Double exposure image

Art inspired

A true nature enthusiast, Kseniya gets carried away by the colour and atmosphere of Paolo Roversi’s photographs, the elegance of Lillian Bassman’s portraits and the vision of Tim Walker’s work. She draws inspiration from nature saying, “I just love nature; every variation of it!”.

Portrait of a brunette woman with red lips wearing an oversized knit

Her way of creating

Kseniya feels that it’s difficult for her to categorise her particular style of photography. She defines it as an attempt to depict reality with a little dash of the unusual: Multiple exposures, reflections in glass and unusual lighting fascinates her. Nature is her studio and waking up at 4am to photograph in some mystical new destination is no difficult task. Because of the beautiful light it provides, shooting at day-break is her absolute favourite! A true minimalist at heart, she prefers doing little to no retouching in Photoshop, allowing the photo to speak for itself.

Gorgeous portrait shot through a window of a woman sitting in a coffee shop

Kseniya Che recommends this gear:

In her kit, you can also find a collection of strange little bits and bobs like mirrors, pieces of glass and coloured foil, all of which are perfect for creating different effects and adding mystery to her photographs.

Beautifully styled Portrait shoot taken outside

In the future, Kseniya hopes to visit as many countries as she possibly can, capturing moods and creating captivating stories with her camera. Her work is truly something special and is sure to inspire your next shoot!

If you want to see more of her work you can follow her on Instagram or 500px, and you can have a look at her blog (excuse the Russian – wink wink).

Portrait of a model out in the woods and a bird of prey on her shoulder. It seems as if the bird is almost holding her or stroking her hair.
Portrait of a model wearing a beautiful dress in water
Portrait of a girl
Multiple Exposure portrait out in nature
Portrait of a lady taken out in nature
Spectacular photograph of a woman wearing a beautiful gown standing up in a tree
Portrait of a woman soaking up the sun in a beautiful forest of trees/blooming flowers
Women sitting on the beach
Gorgeous portrait photograph taken at sunset
Girl in the woods holding a vintage bird case with books inside
Photograph of a woman standing in a giant window way
Square, mulitple exposure photograph
Interesting portrait photograph