When you get a diverse and talented photographer such as Jana Cruder, willing to share her experiences and thoughts on the topic of photography; you have to seize the moment.

Jana likes to eat healthy and keep busy

In her life, there is no such thing as a lazy day. When not working, she keeps herself busy. Either working on her own personal fine art projects (which we will cover in another blog) or revelling in the beauty of nature; hiking, travelling and exploring her surroundings while snacking on healthy, organic and fresh foods.

Fashion photography is selling a product

As the term ‘fashion photography’ is commonly misunderstood I asked Jana to give us her interpretation of what fashion photography is. “It’s the creation of an opportunity and a moment that wouldn’t typically be experienced.” She goes on to say that it teaches men and women how to wear clothing while selling a product.

Assisting teaches you a lot

Although Jana never actually received any form of formal training when it comes to fashion photography, she did assist for high-level fashion photographers like Warwick Saint, Steven Klein and Cedric Buchet. Working with them, she realized what is possible in the world of fashion. Witnessing what can happen when you get a full budget, the perfect model, an amazing location and a great team…  “Fashion is a constant curation and play. It’s experimenting and exploring. That’s what I love about it! There’s that ability and freedom to be creative.”

Jana’s advice

Jana’s advice “A good fashion photograph is one that sticks with you.” Whether you are interested in creating a beautiful fashion photograph or want to set up a portfolio as an aspiring advertising photographer Jana shares a few important pointers, so take note. Until you have access to professional models, wardrobe, hair and make-up. Pick one element. If you have a good make-up artist willing to work with you, focus on creating a wonderful make-up story. If you have the wardrobe, keep the hair and make-up really simple.

  • To push yourself, try and get a professional stylist and model to test with you. In turn, that will elevate your work.
  • Having an assistant allows you to focus on your work. Overall, the quality of the team you work with determines the quality of the end product.
  • Her advice to aspiring fashion/advertising photographer is to do the work that you love to do. Find a way to package it and show it to advertising agencies, art buyers etc.


Jana has worked as a fashion photographer on a variety of advertising campaigns. Her work ranging from feel good photographs to those inserts you tore out of the magazines and stuck onto your wall as a kid.  In the words of Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I think the same could be said about your photos.

If you want to see more of Jana’s work or get some inspiration for your next fashion shoot you can follow her on any one of these social media platforms or go and have a look at her website: