For World Rhino Day, I have the privilege of featuring the co-owner of Black Bean Productions company, James Suter. Their film team has won numerous awards for high-quality commercial and documentary films.

With a special focus on African wildlife conservation, they use film to showcase the everyday struggles of poaching and even the often-overlooked people who protect our rhinos with fierce passion.

© James Suter

James gets his passion for the outdoors from his dad and, with a background in professional guiding, his work naturally evolved into wildlife conservation through film. It is through his photographs of our precious rhinos that he creates awareness and raises funds for the team working tirelessly on the ground in an effort to protect our natural heritage.

His photos are intimate and honest, allowing his audience to connect with what is really happening in the wild. “I want to educated people around the world on the important issues that relate to endangered species and conservation.”

All images were captured at the OI Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia county in Kenya where James and Black Bean Productions team documented the story on the last three remaining Northern White Rhinos of which only two females, Najin and Fatu, survive to date. Known as the “gentle giant”, male Sudan died earlier in 2018.

The film was created to bring attention to the danger these animals face from poaching and those who protect them.

© James Suter

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