Women embody a resplendent symphony of strength, grace and compassion. With hearts as vast as oceans and souls as radiant as the sun. In every step they take, they redefine resilience. As daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and friends, women weave the very fabric of life. 

In light of it being Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the unstoppable spirit of the women at Outdoorphoto.

In light of it being Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the unstoppable spirit of the women at Outdoorphoto by asking them to share with us what Women’s Day means to them.

Women’s Day Tribute

The ladies of Outdoorphoto.


Uniquely me – To live life by embracing the extraordinary beauty in chaos. As women, we celebrate our graceful navigation through the complexities of life, weaving an invisible tapestry of resilience with strokes of compassion and determination. Women’s Day is a reminder that our strength doesn’t lessen our gentleness, nor does our tenderness undermine our power. Instead, these components harmoniously coexist within us, forming a mosaic of complex individuals. In a world that sometimes attempts to define us by societal norms and limitations, Women’s Day is a bold declaration of our individuality and strength. It reminds us that we have the capacity to shape our destinies, break down barriers, and exceed expectations. 


All of the different, interesting and crazy experiences I’ve gone through makes me unique. To me, being a woman means being able to listen to Taylor Swift on full blast, dancing in the kitchen, and drinking beer with the guys. We can be beautifully complicated, we can change our minds and experience feelings deeply. I am proud to say I am a woman, and I have gone through many trials and have experienced the highs and lows of what it means to be a woman. 


What makes me unique is my ability to feel and experience life incredibly intensely. I used to view this as a weakness, but I’ve come to appreciate it as a beautiful quality to possess. I put everything I possibly have into the people I care about and value connections with others deeply. Women’s Day for me can be described by a poem written by Rupi Kaur: I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking, “What can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see further.”

Women’s Day Tribute
Women’s Day Tribute


I am unique because of the paths I have chosen, the decisions I have made, and the heart and spirit I choose to put into every day. I am me and I am proud to be me. Women’s Day is about celebrating the wonderful women around us, and fixing their crowns before anyone notices it was falling off. 


We must all flourish in the things that make us unique, so here it goes, what makes me unique is my big heart, for both people and animals alike. I believe that sunsets, and fresh air heal. I believe a woman is many things, and we should thrive on that. 


What makes me uniquely me, is that I will always swim, no matter how difficult situations may get, I will continue to swim. Women’s Day to me is all about celebrating the female influences we have in our lives. It’s about celebrating and being thankful to those who had a part in making you the woman that you have become. It’s not just about shining all of the light on you, but shining it on those who moulded you into the woman you are.

Women’s Day Tribute
In light of it being Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the unstoppable spirit of the women at Outdoorphoto.


Women’s Day is a celebration of women, and should encompass understanding our flaws and appreciating that we are all just trying our best. 


A woman holds the ability to care deeply about those around her. She can push someone forward and support their vision. If selflessness is a trait we could all thrive in, we could truly succeed together. 


What makes me unique is my childlike enthusiasm, and the ability to find joy in the smallest occurrences of the day. It’s important for women to stick together and always remember to motivate each other, rather than break each other down. We are all unique and special in our own way, and together and we make a great team. This is what makes Women’s Day so special to me, and the fact that we have come so far together and this day serves as our reminder to keep going. 

Women’s Day Tribute

Let us continue to uplift and support women in all aspects of life, and celebrate their resilience, strength and unwavering determination. Happy Women’s Day!