Improve lens handling and the sharpness of your photographers by replacing the original foot on your telephoto lens with a Wimberley foot. These quick-release plates for collared lenses attach to the foot of your lens to provide better balance and stability when shooting with long lenses.

Low-profile design

Wimberley’s lens replacement feet provide a lower centre of gravity, which reduces flex and vibration for sharper images. Each foot also provides enough clearance between the lens body and the foot so you can use it as a lens handle.

Arca-Swiss compatible plates

Wimberley replacement feet are Arca-Swiss compatible with most clamps and heads on the market, such as Kirk

Lightweight and durable

Made from anodised aluminium, Wimberley replacement feet reduce weight for easier lens handling.

Double-dovetail design

Wimberley’s double dovetail allows accessories to attach to the bottom or top of the foot, thus no additional quick-release plates are needed. The tapped holes provide direct attachment to both 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 studs on tripod heads and monopods.

Optional safety stop screws

Wimberley recommends using the optional safety stop screws on the foot with a clamp that has channels as this will allow the screws to slide back and forth.

Wimberley replacement foot on a Sony lens