6 Reasons Why People Love Canon Cameras

26 May 2017

There are many reasons to love Canon cameras, whether your vibe is the bustling city or the great outdoors. And these reasons all come down to features – Canon cameras are loaded with awesome features that make digital photography even more exciting. Without further ado, here are 6 reasons to invest in one of your own:


1. Creative Photography

With Canon digital cameras, you have the opportunity to apply photographic effects to your images before and/or after taking shots. With these cool effects, you can actually create your own photographic works of art. 

With up to 16 shooting modes, you can take pictures in very tricky light situations. And if you plan to take pictures underwater, simply get a Canon camera with an “Underwater mode”.

Think of water as a filter. As you dive deeper into the ocean, it absorbs red, orange and yellow wavelengths until everything you see fades to shades of blue and green. The “Underwater mode” helps correct this colour distortion so you have vibrant, rich colours that do underwater life justice.

Canon digital cameras can also help you to apply dramatic colour effect to images with the Colour Accent and Colour Swap modes. These modes effectively transform colours into black and white, or the colour/s of your choice.


2. No Blurs!

When starting with photography, you might be tempted to think that a steady hand is the signature of a more experienced photographer, but it really isn’t. Serious photographers invest in camera lenses that reduce shake, which is why Canon’s Image Stabilisation (IS) is so awesome! IS helps eliminate blur for sharper flash-free photos at up to 3 stops slower. With the PowerShot Macro mode, you can even take steadier macro shots to your heart’s desire.

Although some of Canon’s digital compact cameras are quite small, the Canon engineering team blended amazing technology into the teeny space by developing a new IS processor chip. The new chip accurately controls the movement of the camera’s lens elements, delivering fast and precise shake correction.

3. Intuitive Use

Canon cameras are user-friendly. Many professional photographers highly recommend Canon digital cameras for aspiring professional photographers simply because their settings are so intuitive. But, don’t take our word for it! Try out the settings by renting one of our cameras over the weekend.


4. Change ISO Speed Just Like That

If you have a Canon, you can easily change ISO speed settings even when you are in the middle of a photo shoot. So, if the weather suddenly changes without warning from clear, bright, and sunny to cloudy; you can easily change your ISO speed in seconds.

5. Made for Speed!

Never miss a single photo opportunity with Canon cameras. Well-known for taking shots in quick succession, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get the perfect shot on your shoot, even if it as a fast-action fashion shot.

Canon cameras cater for all needs, whether you’re just starting out shooting your quirky pets at home, or the established professional photographer shooting once-in-a-lifetime action shots, Canon will have the camera for you.


6. Quality Pictures at an Affordable Price

With a Canon digital camera, you can take professional-looking photos without investing in very pricey cameras. A Canon camera is a good choice for aspiring photographers and so are the lenses and accessories. As an up and coming photographer, you can take pictures that will make your photographic work look clean and very professional without breaking the bank.

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The Outdoorphoto Team


  1. Paul 30 May 2017 at 8:37 am - Reply

    This can’t be it. None of the 6 reasons you mention are not applicable to other cameras. I own a Nikon D5000 and have never been quite happy with it, but I can’t put my finger on what bothers me or find any real reason to buy something else (although I eagerly what to find a good reason). Sometimes I wonder if the Nikon images aren’t more bland (dull) because it may be more true and we are getting used to more Photoshopped brighter images, but no one ever mentioned anything better or worse about Nikon vs Canon regarding colour (although I am wondering if Canon images arn’t spiced up a little and therefore look better to me? For that reason I was quite eager to learn what Canon lovers love about their cameras, which can’t be any of these reasons since my camera does all of it. so I hope you can find a few honest brand neural photographers out there who owned or owns both and can tell me why they prefer one over the other.

    • Celeste 31 May 2017 at 12:11 pm - Reply

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the Nikon D5000. You bring up some good points and this is definitely a good place for Canon, Nikon and Fuji users to say what they love about their cameras.

  2. Pat Henry 1 Jun 2017 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    I am by no means a professional photographer but I find Canon to be more intuitive in operation than Nikon…. A bit like my iPhone relative to a Samsung…. 😜

  3. Tyran Bothma 13 Jun 2017 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    I have been using Canon for a number of years and currently have a 5D ml111. To me they are great cameras and have superb lenses. I was at our Photographic congress and the interesting thing that came out, one of our PSSA members said she would put 20 Canon and 20 Nixon photos mixed up and challenged anyone to tell which camera took which photo. So i think that sums it all up if its not your photo you are going to struggle to say which camera took it. These are non photoshopped

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