Art of Print reproduces artworks from screen to print on a daily basis. We specialise in high-end printing techniques using archival pigment inks and a wide selection of beautiful fine art papers. Since printing is such a personal investment, we strive to meet every expectation and deliver quality products for each client. Test printing plays a crucial role in ensuring that clients are happy with the results before going ahead with the full order.

Here is some advice that may assist you in obtaining the best overall results and save you money, time and potential frustration with your next print job:

Checking calibration

The most common reason for doing a test print is that the majority of computer monitors do not provide a good indication of how your files will print and some may not be calibrated at all. An issue we encounter a lot is that prints turn out darker than expected because the brightness and contrast settings on the screen/monitor are higher than needed, resulting in incorrect brightness levels.

Ensuring the desired result

The best way to ensure that your print is up to standard is to do a test strip. What are test strips? When we talk about test strips, we are referring to printing a selection of the image’s actual size to see if the client’s file offers the desired result on the paper we offer. The provided file is the prepared digital file needed for printing. This way it enables us to test for sharpness, editing imperfections, pixelisation and colour before paying the full cost of the image.

Art of Print happily offers this service to ensure client satisfaction. Contact us today and arrange to print a test strip for you.

Art of Print - Test prints are important