The A1X and A1 are siblings

The similarities are many, but the Profoto A1X studio light has a little more of everything. A more powerful battery, faster recycling and an updated user interface.

The only difference between the A1X, its predecessor A1 and every other studio light Profoto makes is size – it’s small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, making the A1X and A1 Profoto’s only true on-camera solutions.

The A1X delivers a quality of light that’s both natural and beautiful because, like the larger Profoto lights in the family, the A1X features a round head that gives a soft smooth fall off – that’s what makes the light feel so wonderfully natural.

Profoto A1X

Profoto A1X

  • Available for Canon, NikonSony and Fujifilm.
  • Recycling time 0.05-1.0s
  • Up to 450 full power flashes
  • Updated fit, feel and finish
Profoto A1

Profoto A1

  • Available for Canon and Nikon
  • Recycling time 0.05-1.2s
  • Up to 350 full power flashes