Do you remember rummaging through your grandparents’ mementos to find a single (often black and white or sepia) photograph of their wedding day? They usually have/had one or two photos commemorating their special day. The generation thereafter took a few more photographs (in colour); but nothing compares to the effort that goes into wedding photography these days. Brides spend hours researching photographers who’ll suit their unique “style” and budget while photographers spend hours marketing their work, taking and editing photos.

But with video’s perpetual growth, there’s a question that begs to be answered: are photos enough? Fact is, it’s impossible for a photographer to capture every moment. With a photographer and videographer combination, the odds are greater that you’ll have most moments covered. In a perfect world most brides would most likely want to add a professional videographer to the mix, but it’s often one of the first cuts made to the budget. So, is it worth spending money on a wedding photographer? In my opinion, yes. It may be considered a luxury but if you really think about it, a standard wedding is a luxury; and when choosing between a plated menu and buffet, the difference in price will most likely cover the expense of a videographer.

Real brides’ opinions:

Celeste van der Merwe
There was a moment during the ceremony in which the pastor talked about a Bible verse that mentions the wind and just then a gust of wind blew through the church doors – you can’t capture that with photography. I would also have loved to see my parents’ faces during the ceremony; everything is a blur and you simply can’t take it all in. When taking photos of our bridal party, the Land Rover got stuck in a hole and to relive the groomsmen trying to get it out would’ve been funny. Having footage of the first dance and all our guests having a good time would also have been nice. You have photos that refresh your memory (and that’s fantastic), but videos literally take you back in time.

Anna Bannink
For me, the photos were enough. I wouldn’t have minded having the pastor’s sermon recorded although it was given to us in print.

Wouda Mc Micken
I’m very happy with our wedding photographs; it captured our relationship’s uniqueness and the photographer managed to make a very camera shy couple feel comfortable. There was a moment in the chapel where my husband had this exciting reaction upon hearing I’m close to entering that the photographers missed. Luckily, one of the guests had a 360º camera that captured it and I cherish that video with my whole heart. Before getting married you don’t actually comprehend how special the speeches are but now I desperately wish that we had a videographer or just someone to record it. Also, my father married us which was extremely special. There are photos where we are laughing embarrassingly. I know he said something really funny and most likely inappropriate, but we can’t remember, so having that on film would’ve been nice.

Okay, so you don’t have the budget, now what?

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The final verdict:

With the help of a wedding videographer, you get the chance to capture the heart of your relationship – your special day and what makes you unique. A wedding day has the same 24 hours as any other day. Some people will look at that phrase and say “why spend a tonne of money on one day” while others say “it’s one special day, go all in”. You don’t have to take out a loan to make it happen, but there are different options out there depending on your budget. The point is that video isn’t going anywhere. Just as photography’s popularity exploded in recent years, wedding videography is here to stay and will too become somewhat of a norm. And although you may not watch the video often, when you do, you will definitely appreciate it wholeheartedly.