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Walkstool: Where Practicality Meets Comfort


The Walkstool is a compact, comfortable, portable folding stool that allows you to sit down practically anywhere. It’s invented, designed and made in Sweden – think superior quality and durability, pretty much like the Vikings.

Walkstool - A photograph showing how portable the Walkstool Comfort 45 is
Walkstool - A photograph of two people sitting, watching the sunset

What makes the Walkstool Comfort portable stool superior?

  • It’s constructed from durable aluminium that can handle up to 200 kg
  • Thanks to telescopic legs, you can adjust the stool to suit your height
  • Collapsible, foldable setup
  • Large rubber non-slip feet
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate anyone

Why do I need a Walkstool and where would I use it?

Walkstool offers excellent support for anyone for just about anything!

  • It’s the ultimate portable stool for camping and birding.
  • Devoted astronomers, photographers, hunters and fishermen will love the fact that this portable stool can clip onto your belt or backpack keeping your hands-free.
  • If you’re an artist, why not pop it in front of your easel?
  • Are you into the festivals and concert scene, but putting down a blanket is not quite your thing? Then the lightweight Walkstool might be just what you want.
  • Left standing at a braai? Go get your Walkstool out of your bakkie and take a seat.
  • You can even take lazy to the next level and park your Walkstool in the queue at the Post Office – no more shuffling your weight from one foot to the other while waiting in the queue.

The all-round seat solution

Walkstool is an easy to clean, lightweight, durable, portable, fold-up chair that offers an all-round seat solution. So, what are you still standing around for?

Walkstool - A photograph showing how portable the Walkstool Comfort 45 is. It's being clipped onto a belt of a photographer.
Walkstool - A photograph of two people carrying their Walkstools walking off into the sunset
Walkstool - A photograph photographic gear resting on Walkstool

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