Badger Gear is designed with bird and wildlife photographers in mind. Rugged, yet comfortable, their camera support gear provides good, solid bases for keeping your heavier gear safe.

Filled with plastic pallets, the Badger Gear Bean Bag creates a solid base for photographic from vehicles or bird hides, particularly with heavier lenses. To minimise your luggage weight for air travel, you can even opt to buy this bean bag unfilled, and fill it upon arrival at your destination. Fill it with rice, styrofoam balls or bird feed.

Vehicle & bird hide camera support

You have two options to suit your gear setup, namely the standard or mini. Both work equally well, however, whereas a mini filled bean bag weighs about 3-4 kg, a standard filled bean bag will weigh 6-8 kg depending on the filling used. The mini measures 27 cm in length and 25 cm wide, and the standard is 33 cm in length and 20 cm wide.

What is a bean bag? It is a mouldable U-shaped bag that sits over a car door when the window is down, providing a platform on which to rest your camera and lens. It’s also great for ground-level or low-angle shots.

Ground-level camera support

Take your level of support further with a Badger Gear Ground Pod. The unique circular design allows you to slide camera equipment in any direction on the ground for great ground-level support for bird and wildlife photography.

Made from heavy-duty polypropylene plastic, it is rugged yet lightweight, weighing only 420 g. It is also heat and cold tolerant to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. It measures 25 cm in diameter and is 3 cm high.

Badger Gear Ground Pod provides great support for ground-level shooting.

Invert the mounting screw to use the ground pod upside down. This ensures a secure and stable fit on the bean bag when using telephoto lenses of up to 600mm.

Place the Badger Gear Ground Pod with a gimbal head on your beanbag and enjoy panning, tilting and overall ease of motion and increased stability.

Place the ground pod (with a gimbal head) on your beanbag and enjoy panning, tilting and overall ease of motion and increased stability.

Its wide mounting surface can accommodate virtually any ball head or gimbal eye heading fitting a standard ⅜” tripod mount.