Personalise your camera setup with any of these unique camera straps. If you’re in the market for a camera strap, consider these three things:

  • Are the buckles that connect your camera and strap made from metal? If yes, be sure that they’re covered with leather flaps or tough material alternatives that prevent it from wearing out and damaging your camera body.
  • Always look for a camera strap that is easy to use. Camera straps shouldn’t take hours to attach to your camera, so buy a strap that is easy to attach and remove.
  • Comfort is key. Be careful of choosing straps that are too thin as they could chafe your neck. Rather opt for straps with padded neck areas.

Koshai Kollection

Looking for a high-quality leather camera or binocular strap? The Koshai Kollection strikes the perfect balance between vintage and modern with premium leather straps available in black and tan. The strap has a slim design (120cm in length and 2cm wide) and fits most cameras and binoculars.

Phi Slim Leather Camera & Binocular Strap (Tan)
Phi Slim Leather Camera & Binocular Strap (Black)

Sailor Strap

SailorStrap camera strap on camera.
SailorStrap camera strap on camera.

We absolutely love Sailor Strap! Fusing sailing with photography, these handmade rope camera straps are colourful and full of personality. Made of braided silk polyester and finished off with up-cycled tanned Italian leather, you can rest assured that your Sailor Strap is durable and waterproof. Secure your strap to the camera with high-quality stainless steel split rings. The rope is adjustable for looping and knotting and versatile for use as a hand or wrist strap.

Punda Milia

Milia straps
Milia straps

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind African-inspired Punda Milia camera strap. Made from high-quality leather and exceptional soft padded lining, they are extra comfy. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can spoil yourself, loved ones or friends with unique gifts.

Lunar Straps

Personalise your gear with a Lunar strap (coastal pattern).
Personalise your gear with a Lunar strap (chromatic pattern).

Inspired by South African culture and its people, Lunar camera straps feature beautiful designs for the modern photographer who wants to personalise their gear. Each strap is rounded off with genuine leather ends, which is why Lunar straps are strong, durable and perfect for any DSLR camera.

Peak Design

Peak Design Slide Lite camera strap adds style to your setup.

Peak Design camera and wrist straps are extremely versatile. Made of durable Nylon that holds up to 90 kg, the Slite Lite features an adjustable camera strap with a silicone grip that prevents slipping. Included are four anchor points and a tripod plate to convert for wear as a sling, shoulder or neck strap.

Their trendy leather wrist straps Use the trendy leather wrist straps to secure your camera or binoculars onto your wrist. An aluminium-alloy sliding buckle allows its nylon webbing to be adjusted for a comfortable, snug fit while the camera or binocular is connected to the strap by using one of two, included Anchor Links. Each Anchor Link creates a durable, snap-in or snap-out connection point to a strap eyelet on a wide variety of gear.

Cuff wrist straps also adjust to your wrist size and converts to a bracelet for transport. Simply detach the strap from the provided anchor link. When worn as a bracelet, the length of the strap can be wrapped around the wrist and magnetically secured along its own surface.