Initial response when I saw this was that it’s a gimmic, but reading reviews on Rob Galbraith and also their own capability report, makes this an actual usefull piece of equipment.

Essentially this software now allows you to not only remotely control your camera (with caveat – read note at end) but also do basically every tethered setting your camera can support, plus a few extra it doesn’t. For instance, you can set a “burst” of virtually any amount of images before releasing the trigger, or multiple exposure bracketing as wide as you want with as many images you want… or timed exposures at intervals that you can set for days/hours/minutes.

Screengab of OnONE controlThe remote control can run through your iPhone or iPod Touch, and new cameras can feed a “live-view” back to the control, as well is feedback images to check exposures, etc after the shot is taken.

Some features:

Connect to host computer  
Fire Camera  
See post-view image  
Battery Status  
Images Remaining  
Zoom-in on post-view image
Adjust Shutter Speed   
Adjust Aperture   
Adjust Exposure Compensation 
Adjust ISO 
Adjust White-Balance 
Quality Setting 
Interval Shooting (self timer, intervalometer)

For Rob Galbraith’s test, read here

For more info on the product, OnOne’s site


Note: This remote currently only works through an existing wireless network and a tethered notebook or pc. This, should actually not be too much of a problem, considering that you can feed massive files straight into lightroom with direct feedback straight to your iPhone or Touch. The timer control and burst exposures alone makes it worth it.



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