Shooting sports or wildlife with a long telephoto lens can become tiresome without a monopod to steady your shot. So, depending on your shooting style, having a monopod is an indispensable part of your kit. It eliminates up and down movement, thereby reducing camera shake during exposure for crisp, clear images/film; yet moves sideways so that you can pan action like a pro. And, if you find yourself in a crowded place, simply continue shooting without worrying that an extra leg might cause a trip hazard.

The Benro MMA38C monopod is a sturdy and lightweight choice for shooting with long telephoto lenses or in low-light conditions with heavy telephoto lenses.

Support to suit your style: This carbon fibre support reaches a height of 158.5 cm, closes down to 54.5 cm, and supports up to 18 kg.

Lightweight yet sturdy: The 9X carbon weave used by Benro maintains a lightweight design at just 580 g, while still maintaining strength and dampening ground vibrations.

Effortless setup: Opening and closing the 4 sections is quick and easy with the dust-resistant twist-lock design, and a pivoting rubber foot prevents unwanted slipping.

Comfortable grip: The closed foam grip gives you a secure hold on the monopod and also insulates your hands on cold days.

Mount friendly: The mounting plate features a reversible 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded mount for mounting a head or attaching directly to a camera.