1. Intelligent Flight Battery

Use the Intelligent Flight Battery as a replacement battery or as an extra battery for those times you know you’re going to be recording a lot of footage. This high-density lithium battery offers a flight time of up to 21 minutes on a single charge. When depleted, charge it up with a compatible Mavic Air charger.

2. Quick-Release Propellers

Secure, durable and well-balanced propellers with a powerful thrust – the replacement propellers feature a set of two propellers, one for each rotational direction. The folding design reduces the drone’s overall size, making it a pleasure to transport, and the quick-release mechanism makes attaching and detaching quick and easy.

3. Landing Pad

The foldable landing pad pro is perfect for take-off and landings on uneven terrain or terrain that makes landing a drone difficult, like snow or tall grass. The landing pad is made of durable polyurethane which makes it waterproof, UV resistant and mould and mildew resistant.

4. Landing Gear Extensions

These landing gear extensions help raise your Mavic Air 35mm off the ground for safer take-off and landing on rough terrain. Thanks to a silica gel padding, it reduces vibrations when landing, and prevents the risers from falling off during flight. The raisers clip-on for harmless installation.

5. DJI Goggles

Immerse yourself with the best first-person view (FPV) goggles for drone flying. These goggles are compatible with the Phantom, Mavic, Mavic air, Inspire Series and the Spark; however, the follow functionality is reserved for the Mavic Pro only. It offers visuals in 720p/60fps and 1080p/fps, and lasts 6 hrs on one charge.

6. Filters

Take deep, rich scenic images with the PGYTECH CPL lens filters. They remove unwanted reflections from nonmetallic surfaces such as water or glass and glare from the sun, ideal for taking photos of urban architecture and beautiful landscapes.

7. Scotchcal Skins

The 3M Scotchcal Film is easy to stick on and has a clean residue-free removal. It is crafted using outdoor specific ink that is both waterproof and oil proof. It also doubles as protection for your drone from scratches and the colours are safe from fading due to sun exposure.