Tokina boasts more than 60 years’ optical design excellence, as is evident from their attractive high-quality interchangeable lenses for DSLR cameras.  They cater to both prosumer and professional photographers with reasonably-priced, high-performance lenses for crop (APS-C) and full-frame sensor cameras.

Available from the Outdoorphoto online shop, we stock wide-angle to portrait-length zoom lenses for Canon and Nikon mounts. These large, constant aperture lenses offer excellent contrast and sharpness, and quick AutoFocus and easy manual focus override. Comfortable to hold, its compact design balances size and weight expertly.

Visionary optical and mechanical technologies

Tokina incorporates visionary optical and mechanical technologies that make a difference you can see. These are:

Optical technologies

  • super Low Dispersion (SD) properties that control chromatic aberrations
  • a unique multi-coating technique for faithful colour reproduction and clean, sharp images
  • aspherical optics that focuses light rays entering from both the centre and the edges of the glass elements correctly, ultimate correcting spherical aberration
  • F&R aspherical moulded glass elements for even illumination and the correction of spherical aberration across the entire image area

Mechanical technologies

  • a floating element system that moves in proportion to the focus setting of the lens, thereby correcting astigmatism from minimum focus distance to infinity
  • an internal focus system supporting a more compact design with improved handling, faster focusing, and superior filter use as the barrel with the filter thread does not rotate as you focus
  • the patented Focus Clutch Mechanism where the manual focusing ring can easily move (be snapped) back and forth between AF and MF position.
  • the refined One-Touchuch Focus Clutch Mechanism (incorporated in the AT-X 28-80mm AT-X PRO) that allows the lens focus ring to snap back to the MF position at any time, and from any position
Tokina photographic lenses

Winning features

Tokina lenses are ideal for landscape to portrait photography, and thanks to these winning features, the perfect value investment:

  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable, compact design with good size and weight balance
  • Well-made with solid, reliable design
  • Reasonably priced with quality performance
  • Constant, large aperture lenses
  • Easy manual focus override
  • Quick AutoFocus
  • Excellent contrast and sharpness
  • For crop and full-frame sensor cameras