Photographer, Malindi Strydom, is no stranger to spending hours in an aeroplane after travelling to roughly 17 countries and six continents (she still needs to go to Australia).

Choosing a favourite location is tricky since every location is so special, but there are three places that stood out: “Angkor Wat in Cambodia was incredible, Antarctica was life-changing and the Philippines is as close to the promised land that you’ll get.”

She never lets her gear out of her sight and uses the lightweight and spacious Think Tank Trifecta 8 Mirrorless camera bag. For many years, she used her trusty Canon 7D while travelling but decided to switch to Fuji’s X-T20 because it is significantly lighter than other DSLRs and offers excellent quality.

Packing checklist for the travelling photographer:

“And knowing that different isn’t wrong.” – Malindi Strydom

Kodak gap photographed by Malindi Strydom
Three king penguins photographed by Malindi Strydom
Peace to the land - Nepalese flags photographed by Malindi Strydom