Gunther Swart

Meet Gunther: talented photographer, expert sales consultant, and go-to guy on all things drone-related. Each of Gunther’s photographs is unique, which can be attributed to his distinct style of portraiture that incorporates vibrant colours and warm tones with flare. He also has a keen eye for taking striking landscape and nature photos.

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“I am a visual creature. I love Instagram, it’s this visual wonderland for anybody. Whatever your taste of life is, you will be following and filling your feed with images that fit your taste.”

Celesté van der Merwe

What Celesté loves most about photography these days is capturing heartfelt moments of her little girl growing up. This means that her Fuji is always at her side ready to photograph special memories. Whether it’s a kingfisher in the Kruger National Park or a family gathering over the weekend, she can photograph just about anything and have it look like a masterpiece. After studying photography at Vega School, Celesté joined the Outdoorphoto Team and now takes on the role as Paid Marketing Manager.

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“Instagram is a great platform to showcase and share your work with your photography peers and to stay motivated by some of the best work.”

Brendon Cremer

Brendon Cremer is an exceptionally talented, award-winning wildlife photographer and photo safari guide with years of experience and a healthy fascination of Africa’s fauna and flora. His love of photography keeps growing and reignites everytime he captures that perfect moment in the wild.

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 “The reason I love Instagram is it allows me to share the natural world I have the privilege of visiting so regularly, with not only potential safari goers but also with the people who just love wildlife and nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.”

Graham van der Merwe

Graham has truly mastered the art of black and white film photography and his Instagram feed is clear evidence. As head of the Marketing Department, you’d think that he rarely steps out of the office but, luckily for us, he always makes time for travel (which is when he surprises us all with his incredible street photography talent).

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“I only have a handful of followers on Instagram, but I mostly use it for inspiration and post one of my photos every now and then.

The explore feature is the reason why I use Instagram, it’s like the underrated photographer’s community. There is some pretty amazing stuff that will never be a winner of a particular photography category or featured in a gallery, but they continue to amaze the world.”

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