For lighting, I used a large softbox camera right, a large white reflector camera left, and a flash directly onto the white background to blow that out completely.

The camera (Canon 20D) and lens (24-70mm) was on a tripod and I used a remote trigger to take the shot.

Many thanks to my eldest son for assisting with the shoot: it is hard to know where one is actually pouring the stuff when one’s head is flat on the table! :-)

The water and paint mixture was definitely too dark and does not really work as imitation coffee, but it was far too messy to do re-shoot!

Post-processing: converted from RAW in PS Elements, cleaned up some drops on the table – and on my clothes! – then some levels and curves, but nothing much in terms of editing.


The Morning After

by Nico Conradie
Nico Conradie

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