Take your solo filmmaking to the next level with the DJI RS 2. It is a beautifully crafted gimbal for handheld camera stabilisation. 

DJI RS 2 Gimbal

Incredible weight to payload ratio

Because it is made from carbon fibre, the gimbal is lightweight enough to take anywhere yet strong enough to support setups of up to 4.5kg.

Complete control at your fingertips

Thanks to a front dial and built-in touchscreen, the gimbal provides complete control at your fingertips. The ActiveTrack 30 feature is also accessible directly from the full-colour touchscreen.

Pro mounting options

Two RSA ports with a NATO mount provide professional mounting and expansion options for an endless range of shoot scenarios: RSA/NATO:

  • with Focus Wheel lets you adjust camera focus or zoom with fine control.
  • with Twist Grip Dual Handle for more handheld options to capture the right shot.
  • with Universal Mount to integrate RS 2 with a car, jib, or slider, and control from a distance.

Using the vertical mount, you can even capture professional-grade footage in portrait orientation for your social media content.

Super smooth & stable footage

The Titan Stabilisation Algorithm ensures smooth, stable footage. Activate the SuperSmooth mode to adjust torque and motor control to eliminate small vibrations even when using 100mm zoom lenses.

Effortless wireless control

With the RavenEye wireless transmission, you can transmit 1080p video from up to 200m away with a latency of just 60ms. Built-in ActiveTrack uses the source signal from the camera to track your subject and Force Mobile increases responsiveness and decreases latency.

Cinematic sharpness even in low light

The 3D Focus System gives you pinpoint autofocus even when using manual, large-aperture lenses. Using ToF sensors, the system measures the distance between your camera and the subject, adjusting focus quickly and flawlessly, even in low light.

Creative functions include

  • Time Tunnel: Combine Roll 360 with hyperlapse to twist the fabric of space and time.
  • Panorama: With a steady pan from the gimbal, create gigapixel panoramas from your camera.
  • Timelapse: Capture the passage of time with a steady frame.
  • Track: Capture the passage of time with a steady frame.

DJI’s best battery yet

The BG30 battery grip has a runtime of 12 hours and can charge independently from DJI RS 2. Fast charging enables two hours of runtime with just a 15min charge. The gimbal employs a cartridge design for more secure battery mounting and faster battery swaps.

Lightweight carry case

The carrying case has a splashproof body with dedicated compartments for all RS 2 parts. Axis locks keep the gimbal arms in place for easier balancing and storage.

Combo option available

In addition to the RS 2 gimbal, the standard model includes an extended grip/tripod, the BG30 battery grip, 4x multi-camera control cables (USB-C, Sony Multi, micro-USB and mini-USB), a briefcase handle, lower and upper QR plates, a lens-fastening strap and a carry case.

The RS 2 Combo adds the RavenEye Image Transmission System, Focus Motor, a 2-pack RS Focus gear strips, a phone holder, and 3x mini-HDMI to HDMI/mini-HDMI/micro-HDMI cables.