Swarovski Optik, founded by Wilhelm Swarovski in 1949, designs binoculars for perfect operation even in the harshest conditions.

Thanks to Swarovski’s innovative strengthening technologies and aesthetically pleasing design it remains one of the top choices for many bird seekers, and in particular, those who want to tick a few lifers off their list.

Through years of innovation, Swarovski continues to provide their clients with exceptional, high-quality products and excellent service.

Swarovski focuses on business growth while paying respect to people and the environment. They create optics with longevity in mind, rather than products focused merely on the “now”.

EL – The peak of perfection

The sophisticated EL range binoculars features state-of-the-art optics, the best combination of long-range optics and ergonomic design. Its top-notch design promises significantly improved resolution for razor-sharp images, and uncompromising transmission for bright, high-contrast images.

Equipped with field flattener lenses (or wide-angle eyepieces), these binoculars achieve an almost flat image and thus a larger field of view (61º). The legendary EL wrap-around grip, together with ergonomically arranged operating features offer optimum comfort during observation. If you’re looking for the cutting edge of optical performance, choose Swarovski EL binoculars.

CL – Puts the world in your pocket

With a compact and foldable design, you can always keep CL binoculars by your side on all your adventures. It’s the perfect pocket-sized binoculars for travellers, wildlife and birding enthusiasts.

Easy to use, the CL range delivers high-contrast, sharp and colour-true images, staying true to Swarovski’s optical quality reputation. For endless viewing comfort and outstanding optical quality, choose Swarovski CL binoculars.