At the PSSA 2010 Congress, we had the privilege of having Tibor Jakab join us on our sunrise shoot. He is one of the well-known international photographers who agreed to speak at the 2010 PSSA Congress.

What a pleasure, having Tibor there to assist us with our photography skills!

It was decided that we should take some pictures along the Fouriesburg road. An ominous setting that was created by the fires the previous day.

We took some pictures of the moody landscapes and when we left, we somehow lost the rest of the party.

We just carried on driving and by some odd miracle we ended up with our original group again, where Tibor and crew were busy taking some pictures of an old building.

After photographing the old building, we went over to the famous pond… Apparently “just around the corner”, which was not really as around the corner as we were meant to believe.

The pond however, was calm and pretty, and definitely worth the extra drive. I’m sure all of our fellow photographers also has some great shots from the
shoot that morning.

All photographs © Norma-Jean Honibal