In a world where flawlessness reigns supreme and we’ve got all kinds of apps and filters to fix every imperfection, film is becoming increasingly popular and this year it’s more alive than ever. Looking at social media platforms like Instagram, you’ll find countless accounts dedicated purely to the authenticity of film photography. Even though we have presets and filters that closely mimic the film look, for me, it feels like a sham. Film has texture. It’s real and raw. If you don’t have a film camera by now, get one!


Aerial photography used to be exclusively for the wealthy and commercial use in industries like real estate. Now, it’s available for anyone to buy and has become so easy to fly that even kids can do it; just take the Tello by DJI for instance. Drone photography has essentially become mainstream. By now, seeing a striking beach scene dotted with colourful umbrellas is nothing new – let this encourage you to go out there and create something original.


We all know about viral videos, but video itself has gone viral. Scrolling through Facebook, you’ll find that videos replace photos in ever increasing popularity. Videos is the content creator’s preferred medium, so we are seeing more creatives eager to record high-quality footage that celebrates (using tonnes of different techniques) the magic that is video.


Smartphone companies are constantly upping their game and so more people are becoming engrossed with photography (whether it be selfies or sharing what you ate at the quaint new boutique patisserie). That’s why vertical (portrait-orientated) photographs are taking centre stage. The “rules” have changed for good and you’ll see photographers taking the most breathtaking landscape scenes, vertically…


The outdoor and travel photography trend is steam rolling through to 2019 and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Travel is big with majestic photographs of landscapes seemingly everywhere and within this trend lies subtrends: The famous hand-holding couples took Instagram by storm, then there were the levitation of different objects and countless travel photos taken from inside a tent or van looking out onto some idyllic view. This year, we’ll be seeing more of these adventure/travel photos, but the focus won’t be on the destination… marketers are working accessories, apparel and even photo gear into the shots. (Enter the influencers.)


An ever-growing trend that won’t go anywhere soon. As with analogue, people are coming to appreciate the beauty in authenticity. From portraits with genuine emotions to fashion photography taking a turn from posed studio to candid shots on the streets, coffee shops or at the local market. Studio lights try to mimic the natural light look. The candid trend has crept over to the wedding industry with brides opting for documentary/lifestyle photographers that capture unrehearsed moments.