Lappies and I were invited to GoPro South Africa’s HERO6 launch event last week, and what a fun day it was! (I have a GoPro lanyard sunburn to prove it.)

The day kicked off with some chocolaty muffins and coffee – a morning must! – especially if you know you’re going to be active ;)  We watched the launch video which, at that point, I’ve watched more times than I care to admit. Its excitement is infectious and the soundtrack inspiring enough to make me wonder about adventures yet to come.

After learning more about the HERO6’s new features, we finally got to play around with it – it was so easy and intuitive! Having borrowed my friend’s HERO5 before, I knew some of the basic features, but the HERO6 was just so effortless, which goes to show just how much it has improved. We split into teams and started filming. GoPro’s new mobile app, QuikStory, automatically creates a video from your recorded footage, so this was almost no effort at all. Just like that, I had a fun video to show my jealous colleagues at work later that day!

This reminds me of my husband’s cool GoPro kayaking adventure footage that’s just sitting on his laptop – what a waste!? With QuikStory, he can auto download all the footage to the app to create cool, sharable videos that actually see the light of day.

As you’ll see in the video, we played some putt putt, learnt how to shoot with a bow and arrow, and just general socialising with my new backflip-doing friends, Ibby and Alex, Hennie from Cameratek and Anton, a buyer for Makro. Omnico, South Africa’s GoPro distributor, even gave us a selection of GoPro mounts and accessories to explore for even greater possibilities. Just a side note, GoPro is for the people, so they made sure to design the HERO6 to be compatible with all HERO5 accessories, which means that you’re not starting from scratch when levelling up your GoPro game.

Highlights of the day:

  • Playing around with the GoPro HERO6 Black
  • Exploring new angles with different mounts and accessories
  • Flying the Karma Drone for the very first time
  • Finding out how freaking amazing the QuikStory app is

At the end of the day, it was really fun mingling with people who are equally excited by what GoPro has to offer. Thank you Deon and Sean for the invite!