In Part 1 of the ZV Line up comparison we gave pure specs that can help you decide which camera suits you best.
In Part 2, we dive deeper into each one the five models. We split the five cameras into two categories: Compact cameras and interchangeable lens cameras. In the compact category we have the ZV-1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F and in the interchangeable lens cameras category we have the ZV-E10 and ZV-E1.

Let’s take a look at the three compact cameras.

This model offers a built-in, ultra-wide 20mm Zeiss lens with f/2 aperture, great for capturing larger scenes and soft bokeh. (The ZV-1F model “F” meaning “fixed lens” is a camera that has no zoom. It does however feature a digital zoom. A digital zoom is when magnification technology is used to enlarge an area of an image by reducing the image size.) Capture vertical videos for social media in the same manner as you would on your smartphone. It also offers the convenient feature of in-camera rotation for horizontal videos, eliminating the need for additional post-processing. Elevate the functionality of your ZV-1F into that of a premium web camera by effortlessly linking it to a compatible device through a USB connection. Benefit from the remarkable 1.0-type image sensor and Creative Look features that guarantee dynamic and lively visuals. Additionally, the inclusion of the Directional 3-Capsule Mic ensures superior audio quality for your recordings. As with all ZV models, you can highlight your products effortlessly with a single touch. The camera will seamlessly adjust focus onto the product without requiring any extra actions. This feature directs your viewers’ attention to the most crucial element, precisely when it matters. This model is budget friendly and a great first content creating camera.

ZV-1 & ZV-1II 
These models are the mid-range cameras of the line-up and have become somewhat of a content creator’s “go-to” cameras for creating vlogs, reels and quick content shooting. This is a quality all-rounder, is super lightweight and does well in most environments. Easily emphasise your products with a simple touch using the Product Showcase Setting. This model features a 25.4mm stacked sensor, which is similar technology to the Alpha A1 and A9ii, resulting in extremely sharp auto focus.

If you want to know how the specs compare between the two models, please check out our blog ZV lineup Spec Comparison 

The ZV-1II 
This is the follow up of the ZV-1 mirrorless camera. Sony improved this model with new features like a bigger fixed lens, 18-50mm f/1.8, that helps capture the vloggers scenery without using a selfie stick to extend your frame. The new model also offers improved audio and is equipped with a Built-in Intelligent 3-Capsule Mic that enables vloggers to narrate while they capture beautiful sceneries.

Another very exciting upgrade on the ZV-1II is the USB and HDMI features, which allows seamless live streaming as you can stream and charge your camera simultaneously. The battery for the ZV-1 & ZV-1 II is very small, so the power ports help extend your filming time.

Experience the Sony ZV-1 II’s innovative video enhancements. Effortlessly apply creative filters to footage with a simple screen tap for instant cinematic transformations without post-production editing. Engage the Cinematic Vlog Setting to capture in a film industry-standard Cinemascope aspect ratio at 24 fps, and select from a range of five LOOKs and four MOODs to instantly adjust footage colour, achieving professional-grade results with ease. Basically, the ZV-1 & ZV-1II are very similar and choosing one will depend on your budget and what features you’d use daily.

Now let’s talk about the ZV-E10 interchangeable lens cameras

This camera is ideal for those who want to vlog and use interchangeable lenses without a high price. It’s compatible with any of the E-mount lenses and helps elevate your photo and video content. This kit features a 16-50mm lens, multi-directional microphone and a deadcat windscreen to ensure a clear sound even in windy conditions. Producing high-resolution 4K films is a simple as activating the MOVIE button. The ZV-E10 camera incorporates a sizable image sensor, resulting in a captivating array of colours. To ensure utmost precision, the image sensor gathers data at a rate 2.4 times greater than required for 4K resolution. This extra data is then compressed to generate the ultimate recording. This model also features vertical shooting and advanced AI-powered subject recognition and tracking algorithms that excel in maintaining consistent and steady focus on dynamic subjects. These algorithms process extensive spatial data, including colour, pattern (brightness), and distance (depth), while also seamlessly tracking the subject’s eyes and face in real-time and at a rapid pace.

The ZV-E1 unquestionably deserves a dedicated blog post, even though it falls under the ZV series umbrella. This camera competes in the same league as the A7siii and FX3, holding its ground with impressive low-light video capabilities. With amazing AI features such as Auto Framing and dynamic active steady, it proudly showcases a 12MP dual native ISO sensor, an attribute shared with its higher-end counterparts. This is the compact video content creation powerhouse that nobody is talking about and is so much more than just a vloggers camera.

The Sony ZV lineup has something to offer for everyone, whether you’re an adventurous content creator, a home-based tutorial maker, a seasoned professional videographer, or even a dedicated photographer.