Spider Camera Holsters are not your traditional camera holsters. Instead of putting the strain on your neck, Spider Holsters let you shoot from the hip, comfortably displacing the weight of your gear on your hips so you can shoot for extended hours. So, if you’re tired of camera harnesses putting strain on your neck and shoulders, invest in Spider Camera Holsters. Designed for photographers by photographers, Spider products excel in ergonomic design – you’re chiropractor will thank you for investing in quality camera carrying equipment!

The Benefits

Ergonomic Design

Reduce stress by taking the weight off your spine and redistributing it across your hips. SpiderPro’s thoughtful belt and strap designs take the strain off your neck and back so that you can shoot for longer.

Safe & Secure

Protect your photo gear from bumps and scratches even when you squat down or jump into a new angled perspective. The clever design lets you mount the camera upside down and backwards so that the lens points backwards, and should you add a flash, it will hang parallel to your leg for easy access.

Freedom of Movement

Spider Camera Holsters move freely with you as you move. Thanks to the patented ball-joint system, your camera isn’t rigidly bolted to your body, giving you more freedom of movement. It adjusts to your natural movement so that carrying cameras on either side of your body feels like second nature.

From Hip to Hands in a Flash

Speed up your workflow with easy, yet secure mounting and unmounting that comes in handy when you need to shoot at a moment’s notice.

Rock Solid Connections

Secure your equipment with a 2-position flip lock that doesn’t restrict access.

  • Lower: Lock your camera in with the lower flip lock so it won’t unlock.
  • Upper: Keep your camera in quick-draw position so you can draw with one hand, great for controlled shooting environments. Simply pivot and pull to disengage the lock for quick and easy access to your camera.

You can trust the weight of your professional camera gear with Spider Camera Holsters without a doubt. Made from stainless steel and hardened aluminium cast, Spider Holster camera straps and belt clips screw tightly and provide rock solid connections for your peace of mind. These secure locking systems prevent accidental unlatching and strong pin connections lock easily into place so that it’s secure until you choose to remove it.

Which Is Your Favourite?

In addition to a host of benefits, Spider Camera Holsters also cater to your personal preferences with four distinct ranges, namely Black Widow, SpiderPro, SpiderLight and Spider Monkey camera holsters, straps, belt clips and accessories.

Black Widow

Black Widow holsters are designed for the everyday, amateur photographer out vacationing, or capturing special memories during sporting events, hiking and outdoor activities. These portable holsters are made for carrying lightweight point-and-shoot cameras, and small DSLRs and video cameras.


SpiderPro holsters are made for professional photographers carrying heavy, pro gear during studio or outdoor photo shoots. Whether it is having your camera ready for impromptu shoots, or carrying your wide-angle on your hip whilst shooting with your long lens, SpiderPro holsters have it all.

And thanks to compatibility kits, you can attach your SpiderPro holster to select Think Tank and Lowepro belts.


Modelled after their SpiderPro counterparts, SpiderLight holsters feature a streamlined, low-profile design for lightweight DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. So, whether you shoot for fun or are a seasoned professional mirrorless photographer, SpiderLight lets you carry your gear in comfort.

Spider Monkey

For quick-draw access to lightweight camera accessories like water bottles, rain covers, flashes, memory cards and more.

Spider products return real value for investment which is why many amateur and professional photographers choose to invest in one or more of these handy products. So, whether you are a photojournalist, wedding or wildlife photographer, be sure to select the carrying support that works for you.