The demand for video and audio applications has drastically increased in the last few years. This pressures content creators to raise their standards in order to stand out and audio quality is now a vital aspect of YouTube videos, interviews, podcasts and streaming setups.

RODE is known for its exceptional quality and innovative product designs and the PodMic USB and XLR Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is no exception. Inspired by the iconic PodMic, you can expect all the same features with the added benefits of XLR and USB output connections, headphone output with volume control, an on-board DSP as well as a slick black studio-quality external pop filter.

RODE PodMic USB & XLR Microphone Review

More about the PodMic USB

Connectivity is key

Its versatile design allows for multiple creative applications. The XLR and USB-C outputs can be used to connect to a mixer, console or audio interface. You can also plug it directly into a computer or a smartphone for easy plug-and-play recording.

The headphone output lets you enjoy zero-latency monitoring, complete with on-board volume control. It also connects seamlessly with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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All about audio

Audio plays a vital part in any recording. Questions like: “Will the room’s sound impact the recording? Will I be able to control the sound? How can I be sure the audio will be crisp and clear?” – these are important factors to consider when purchasing a microphone. Let’s look at how the PodMic USB covers these aspects.

The high-power neodymium capsule produces warm, detailed audio optimised for speech applications. An internal pop filter is added to reduce plosive sounds and the internal shock mount reduces vibrations. If you need additional protection, you can use the included external pop filter to ensure studio-quality sound every time you record.

Its circuitry has been improved to offer a flatter frequency response and lower self-noise. Along with the cardioid polar pattern, you’ll experience focused sound, superb rejection of background noise from room reflections and keyboard and mouse clicks. It features a pro-level audio interface with the same ultra-low noise, and high gain revolution preamp that is found on the RODECaster Pro II to ensure crisp and clean audio. 

To acquire more control, access to the on-board DSP enables advanced APHEX® audio processing. This includes a compressor, noise gate, high-pass filter, Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™, which allows you to customise your sound to perfection.

RODE PodMic USB & XLR Microphone Review
RODE PodMic USB & XLR Microphone Review

PodMic vs PodMic USB

  • The PodMic USB offers the same prestige sound and compact yet highly rugged design as the iconic PodMic but adds a fresh matte black finish that comes with a matched external pop filter. 
  • The PodMic has one XLR output compared to the XLR, USB-C and 3.5mm headphone output and volume control found on the latest PodMic USB.
  • Both microphones have access to the free RODE suite of software – RODE Connect, RODE Central, RODE Capture and UNIFY to help creators enjoy creative control.
  • The on-board DSP (Digital Signal Processing) powered by APHEX® is unique to the PodMic USB where it allows you to add a studio-grade compressor, noise gate and high-pass filter to your voice, as well as the legendary Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™ effects. To further edit your recording, you can use the intuitive VoxLab™ editor, which has three simple controls for Depth, Sparkle and Punch.
  • The beloved integrated swing mount that positions the microphone where you need it is also implemented on the PodMic USB.

The PodMic USB took everything that made the PodMic iconic and added a new dimension of flexibility in today’s digital world.

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