Capturing a Whole New World

There is no way to describe what it is like to go deep sea diving. Waking up at dawn, driving down to the beach, gear in a bag and excitement in the air. You put on your wetsuit (which can be quite tricky especially NOT getting sand stuck between your skin and the tight fitting neoprene). After gear check and the Divemaster doing a brief and going throughout the necessary safety regulations you get on the rubberduck with exhilarating anticipation! When you get to the particular diving location you finally get to dive into the deep blue sea where a completely new world greets you. Except for the sound of your regulator while diving, it’s quiet. Time as you know it stands still, and now, with the GoPro Dive Housing for HERO4 & HERO3+ you get to capture those sensational memories!

Photograph of fish in the sea

Photo Credit – GoPro Website

The GoPro Dive Housing

Ultra durable and waterproof for up to 60m, the GoPro Dive Housing for HERO4 & HERO3+ is specially designed for divers. Whether you are a deep diving adventurer who is interested in seeing Salamanders at Sodwana Bay, an adrenaline junkie on the look out for sharks at Aliwal Shoal or a ‘good weather’ diver on the lookout for schools of bright fish and Nudibranchs at Mozambique.

The GoPro Dive Housing has a flat glass lens that delivers maximum sharpness both above and below water. You can rest assure that your diving experience will be brilliantly captured whether you want to capture video or photographs. (Just remember to push that recording button!)

You can buy the GoPro Dive Housing for HERO4 & HERO3+ either online or in store at Outdoorphoto. The dive housing also includes a Standard, Skeleton and BacPac Backdoor.

Photograph of the GoPro Housing

Photo Credit – GoPro Website

Photograph of the GoPro Housing

Photo Credit – GoPro Website

Why do you need the GoPro 3+ Diving Filter Kit?

With the addition of the Formatt-Hitech GoPro3+ Diving Filter Kit, you can easily take your photographs and video footage to the next level with excellent colour quality!

Let me start by giving you some background info. Water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees. The longest wavelengths with the lowest energy are absorbed first. That is why colour disappears the deeper you dive and THAT’S where the Formatt-Hitech GoPro3+ Diving Filter Kit will dramatically improve your footage.

  • Red disappears at approximately – 4-5m
  • Orange disappears at approximately – 7-8m
  • Yellow disappears at approximately – 10-14m
  • Green disappears at approximately – 21-23m
Photograph of fish in the sea

Photo Credit – Jacqui Paterson

What do I get in the Formatt-Hitech Diving Filter Kit?

To assist in providing your photos and videos with beautifully bright colour the Formatt-Hitech GoPro3+ Diving Filter Kit consists of the following:

  • 1x Magenta Filter: This filter is ideal when diving in greener waters.
  • 1x Orange Filter: This filter works well when diving in depths of approximately 6-18m.
  • 1x Pink Filter: This filter is ideal for shallow dives and snorkeling just to add that bit of needed colour.
  • 1x Red Filter: This filter works perfectly in blue and blue/green waters below 5m adding the colour that is lost.
  • 1x Circular Polarizer: This filter dramatically enhances the contrast and colour of the sky, clouds, water, foliage and even snow.
  • 1x UV Filter: This filter has a slight yellow hue, which corrects blue at high altitudes as well as reflections from snow or water.
  • 2x Protector Filters: These filters are an inexpensive way of protecting the front lens element of your GoPro Dive Housing.
  • 1x Filter Holder: The filter holder can easily be installed and removed from your GoPro Dive Housing using a single thumbscrew.
Photograph of Formatt-Hitech

Photo Credit – Formatt-Hitech’s Website

Using these two affordable yet undeniably tough and rugged GoPro accessories are bound to not only take your underwater photographs and video footage to that next level. It will also preserve those extraordinary memories for you to both relive and to share the adventures with friends and family.

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