Syrp Genie Linear II motion control device

What is a time-lapse video?

A time-lapse video combines many photos taken over a period of time and speeds it up to show the evolution of an event or project.

What can I use time-lapse videos for?

Whether it’s to capture a majestic sunset over the mountains, clouds moving or traffic bustling buy, adding time-lapse to your video is a great storytelling method. It turns ordinary or slow-moving events into visually intriguing video.

Time-lapse video is also a great marketing tool for your business as it tells a visual story of your services, for example, its online order fulfilment process, or the day in the work-life an employee. It’s also a wonderful tool to showcase manufacturing or the scale of a construction project, which allow your audience to connect with your brand.

What do I need to take a time-lapse video?

Time-lapse devices are often complex to set up, but not with Syrp. Their products are portable and easy to use even if you have zero experience.

  1. First you will need a motion control device like the Syrp Genie II. Set it up using the Genie II app (compatible with Android and iOS devices) and connect wirelessly over Bluetooth.
  2. Next, customise your setup with simple app controls, or select from a wide range of presets including stars and night traffic.
  3. Finally, connect the Genie II it to your camera using the Syrp link cable, which triggers the shutter for time-lapse.
Syrp Genie Linear II motion control device

What else can I do with the Genie II?

The Genie II (also known as the Genie II Linear) lets you create time-lapse videos without lugging around heavy gear, ideal for any content creator who wants to up their game. It also allows you to:

  • Transform your slider into a motion control device: Attach the Genie II to almost any slider on the market and thread the included rope to automatically slide along its length. This provides precise linear motion control up to 100m in length, perfect for adding tracking shots and dynamic time-lapse to your repertoire.
  • Achieve 3-axis motion control: Upgrade your time-lapse setup by pairing the Genie II with the Genie Pan/Tilt, which attaches to a tripod or a slider, for more advanced shots.

More features

The Genie II has a compact portable design to use almost anywhere you go. It also features:

  • A QR camera plate for easy setup and adjustments.
  • A built-in screen allows quick adjustments if you can’t reach your phone.
  • A built-in joystick enables fast setup and device repositioning.
  • An app features include keyframing for programming complex movements.