Are camera screen protectors really necessary? Adding an extra layer of protection will help keep your camera display in mint condition, which is particularly useful when you are shooting with a camera that relies entirely on an LCD screen for image composition. Buy, buying just any screen protector will not protect your camera screen. It needs to be a  tough, scratch-resistant glass screen protector that is able to absorb the impact should you bump or drop your device.

Safeguards against scratches & dirt

easyCover screen protectors are made of ultra-thin 0.3mm layered glass that will shield your camera screen against scratches, dust, dirt and moisture.


A quality screen protector does not affect the display quality of LCD screens and can even help reduce glare, providing you with a better view of the shot you are trying to compose.

Easy to apply

Every easyCover screen protector comes with a cleaning wipe and a microfibre cleaning cloth for seamless application. They apply instantly to your screen without causing air bubbles.

How to apply an easyCover screen protector:

  1. Clean the screen
  2. Remove part 1
  3. Apply carefully
  4. If applicable remove part 2
easyCover screen protector

Adhesives leave no sticky residue

easyCover screen protectors do not adhere with glue but through electrostatic bonding, which means that they will not leave any sticky residue on the LCD screen when removed.

Touchscreen compatibility

easyCover screen protectors are specifically designed for camera LCD screens which means that your camera’s touchscreen will remain 100% active.

Available for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic models, we have the following in stock: 

A broken camera screen is a sad sight, so protect it with a reliable easyCover screen protector. Buy now.

easyCover screen protector