Since 1968, Profoto has been known as the light shaping company and with good reason. More than a brand, Profoto designs and manufactures professional lighting gear from heavy-duty studio lights to location-friendly battery-powered on and off-camera flashes with TTL. They complement these with specialised light shaping tools such as reflectors, beauty dishes and colour filters. Profoto truly understands a photographer’s needs, allowing you to capture the best light for your shoot.

Capture Natural, Beautiful Light

Profoto battery powered flash units make shooting on-location a breeze – it’s the portable flash kit for photographers on the move. Stronger than speedlights, these battery powered flashes are ideal for shooting outdoors or in bright sunlight. Whether you choose the Profoto B1X or the B2 portable flash unit, you’ll be able to select between the location or to-go kits depending on how many heads you need for your photo shoot.

And if you’re looking for an even smaller studio light, we recommend using the Profoto A1 for Canon or Nikon (later to include Sony). It has the features of a bigger speedlight packed into a compact, portable and easy-to-use body that helps you capture natural, beautiful light on the go.

For the best self-contained monolights and heads, we recommend using Profoto professional lighting gear. These include the best-selling Profoto B1X battery powered TTL flash; the Profoto D2, which is the world’s fastest monolight with TTL; and the Profoto D1, a proven performer with a flash that lasts. These versatile, compact flashes for studio and on-location lighting promise power in all the right places.


Connect via Cable / Wireless

Profoto AirTLL remotes seamlessly connect your light with your camera and speed up your workflow, ideal for professional photographers. Thanks to High-Speed Sync (HSS), these wireless flash trigger remotes enable you to use the flash at any shutter speed up to 1/8000th of a second, which means that you have full control of the ambient light even when shooting outdoors in sunlight. Profoto flash triggers and cables are the professional photographer’s choice for shooting outdoor portraits.

Shape Light

Profoto knows that shaping light is the key to creating spectacular images, which is why it is the world leader in light shaping tools with more than 150 available, each with its own distinct effect on light and how it’s distributed.