On 23 September 2020, Profoto released the A10. It is the latest round-head speedlight in the A1 lineup. It is largely similar to its A1X predecessor, yet the A10 boasts one a major update – Bluetooth!

Profoto A10 speedlight

Smart Connectivity with Profoto app for iOS

Thanks to new built-in AirX technology, you can now have professional flash with your smartphone photos. This Bluetooth sync technology will allow you to use the Profoto A10 to its full potential even when you are shooting on an iPhone (no support for Android yet). This lets you capture, edit and publish on your smartphone, which significantly reduces the time between creative concept and published image. Profoto AirX also lets you download new firmware for your A10 wirelessly via the Profoto app. This future-proofs compatibility with mobile cameras.

Profoto A10 speedlight

Signature round head & performance quality

Like its siblings, the A10 has a round head for beautiful natural light with a soft, smooth fall-off. The 32-105mm zoom range has a 14mm spread (using the wide-angle adapter), and the head can tilt 90 and rotate 360. It has flash durations from 1/800 to 1/20,000s with a fast recycle time of 1s and an integrated LED modelling light. It has a clean and easy user interface with a large high-res display. Setup is easy with magnetic mounts and clip (also stackable) modifiers.

Profoto A10 is compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic light shaping tools, and all Profoto Air, AirTTL and Connect triggers. It offers TTL support for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm models. Other features include a high-capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery that provides 450 full-power shots on a single charge.

Profoto A10 speedlight

Profoto Connect

The A10 is also sold as on off-camera kit that includes a Profoto Connect: a button-free trigger for flash that makes the natural and beautiful light from the Profoto A10 more accessible. Slide it to auto; it’s point-and-shoot because the correct flash exposure is calculated for you when you press the shutter. Or you can establish a starting exposure in auto, and then slide it over to manual to creatively fine-tune it. As a result, The Profoto Off-Camera Kit is a powerful and easy to use combination.