We last interviewed Russian photographer Kseniya Che in 2017 and decided it’s time for a catchup. Over the past 5 years, her style evolved and her focus shifted from private shoots to shooting for big companies, brands, and bloggers. She’s also moved into the world of fashion photography which she used to dislike and now appreciated its artistic representation of clothing and accessories, beauty and creativity.


She collaborates with a team of makeup artists, stylists and decorators who have overlapping tastes making for interesting photographs. The bigger the team, the more interesting the result.

Kseniya Che Portrait Photography 5
Kseniya Che Portrait Photography 6

Inspiration comes from everywhere

These days, Kseniya looks toward philosophy and psychology for inspiration. “Each of us has a whole world in our head, and everyone’s world is different. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last year, and I hope it translates into creative projects on a completely different level.”

“A good photograph evokes an emotional response”

It may not always be a positive emotion or thought. “It can be shocking, horrifying, or even disgusting. But that’s a good thing too, art doesn’t have to make you happy.” A good piece of art makes you think. You might wonder how you can make your work evoke emotion… extract ideas from the depths of the soul – speak about your most intimate exciting thoughts.

Kseniya Che Portrait Photography 3
Kseniya Che Portrait Photography 4

Gear and techniques 

She uses a Canon EOS R mirrorless camera and mainly the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. “I use a Canon 100mm macro or fisheye lens on special occasions.” We first took note of her creative multiple exposure work and soon learned she uses items like pieces of glass and crystals to create different effects. Although they’re still in her gear bag, she doesn’t use them that often. These days she’s looking to combine photography with painting and graphics to create something different. 

Kseniya’s biggest tip to evolving your craft is to study art. “Constantly try new techniques and approaches. And also ask yourself; What new things can I show the world?”

Her dream is to work with brands all over the world and that dream is already starting to come true. Kseniya Che is definitely someone to keep your eye on! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_kseniya_che_/

Website: https://kseniyache.art/

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