Rock and roll lover Alexander Wolf, know as @alexi_wolf on Instagram, captures all crazy life adventures in such a way that makes you want to put on some comfortable shoes and join his next adrenaline filled journey.

Why did you choose to photograph music festivals?

I studied music for three years and it has always been a big part of my life. My social circles, closest friends and family members are all musicians so, naturally, it was my comfort zone when I started with photography. You could say that I gravitated towards music and rather than choose it, it chose me.

What is your festival of choice?

RAMfest was always my favourite. Hopefully, it returns soon! The Vans Warped Tour 2017 also stole my heart.

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How do you prepare to photograph a festival?

I look at photographers’ work from around the world. This helps me get into the zone, push myself harder and improve my skills more with every festival I photograph. (Also, a beer at the festival helps calm the nerves.)

How can you get the best festival shot?

Know the music, feel it and anticipate the moment.

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How do you control the lighting of your photographs at festivals?

When I shoot, I tend to keep my aperture as wide as possible (f/2.8 in most cases), push up my ISO, and find a shutter that can freeze action while still burning colour.

What do you think is the best lens to use for festivals?

Everyone has their own preference, but I’m stuck between the 70-200mm and the 14-24mm.

Any festival hacks?

Get to know the other photographers around you at the festivals; they can help you a lot with various aspects.

Do you have a tip for others going into festival photography?

Know the artists you are shooting. It makes it more enjoyable. Go out and photograph as much as possible to constantly improve your skills. Support the smaller club shows — it will teach you the struggles and turn festivals into a joy to shoot.

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