Come with us as we get swept away and welcomed into the fantastical world that is the imagination Ingrid Alice.

Dramatic photograph of a model with red hair sitting in a fiery red movie theatre

Once upon a time…

In a former life, Ingrid Alice was a creative director for an international company and after gaining lots of experience, launched her own business as a freelancer. This led her to embark on countless interesting and wondrous adventures.
One of those titillating experiences was doing a branding and marketing campaign for a private air charter group in South Africa’s high-end luxury magazine. They wanted to include a fashion shoot in the magazine and having had absolutely no experience in this sector before, she contacted a local agency and set up the shoot through them. “It was a grand affair! I have never seen so many people in my life, it was absolute madness.” She goes on to describe how expensive it was, and not knowing how to rationalise all that money spent, she began thinking that there must be a more productive way to achieve the same (or even better) results.

Completely intoxicated by the set, the energy and working out in the open, she thought that this could be a great way to spend her time, “up ladders, working at sunrise and away from desks and offices”. Although she had no expectation of ever as a commercial photographer, it now seemed that life had its own ideas…

Female model on couch holding a rabbit
Dramatic photograph of model on a pond in a boat surrounded by hydrangeas

“The moment I wanted photography to be my career”

It was 5 o’clock in the morning and there was a beautiful girl called Jade in a small rowing boat surrounded in a bed of purple and blue hydrangeas. Ingrid was precariously perched atop a ladder next to a lake with the early morning mist cloaking the reeds. The only sound was the gentle lap of water on the side of the boat and the murmured conversation of a small team of brilliant creatives. “It just felt like I had finally found myself.”

An enchanted tale

What happens after “once upon a time”? A grandiose adventure perhaps? One filled with mysterious, wondrous, strange and even perilous events… Those are the stories that inhabit Ingrid’s infinite imagination. It comes as no surprise that waking up early in the morning, going to set and getting lost in the magical stories she and her team creates, leaves Ingrid completely and utterly smitten with photography.

Ultimately, Ingrid is an inspired artist. “Start with a concept that can be built around, one that captivates an audience and then, create a memorable human experience.” Whether she has her camera in hand, designing interiors or graphics for advertisements, marketing, or delectably styling food – it’s all one craft that allows her creative spirit to roam free.

Read Part II of this enchanting story for more details on how Ingrid Alice organises these captivating shoots and find out what gear she uses in Part III.

Fantasy world created by Ingrid of an African model in a hydrangea setting
Model lying in a bed of proteas

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