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Outdoorphoto Community

I’m new, how do I join?

  1. Go to 
  2. In the top right corner, select “Register” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Update your “Profile” and start uploading photos.

I’m an old Community member. Do I need to create a new account?

I have a Shop/Blog account, but not Community account. Do I need to register a new one?

  • No, thanks to the new integrated login, simply log in using the same username/email and password combination as always to access all services, including the Community.

What is an integrated login?

To ensure that your details are the same across the entire website, we’ve added an integrated login feature that syncs all your accounts. This means that going forward, you will only ever use one username/email and password combination.

How do I upload new images?

  1. Go to the “Photos” tab on your profile page.
  2. Select the “Upload” button and select your photos to upload.
  3. Assign your photos to a gallery category to have them show up on the “Explore” and “Galleries” pages.

Why don’t my photos show up in the “Explore” gallery?

You’ll need to link your photos to the “Explore” and other “Galleries” for them to show up. During the upload process, or after migrating your photos from the old gallery, edit and assign your photos to the relevant galleries for better exposure.

How many photos can I add?

Every member has a certain amount of storage. On your profile’s “Photo’s” tab, we’ll tell you how much space you’ve used so you can keep track. Soon, we’ll launch a points system that rewards your participation with a larger upload quota.

What are the photo upload sizes?

Classified section adverts: >5MB

Don’t panic, your images are in safe keeping!

All you have to do is migrate them from the old to the new platform in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the new Community page & log in.
  2. A pop-up message will appear. Select “Migrate Now”.
  3. You’ll be taken to your “Photos” tab. Enter your old account details (username and password) to start the migration.
  4. Leave the page open until “Migration Complete” notice displays.

I did not get the “Migrate Now” pop-up. What now?

Go to the “Photos” tab in your profile. There you will find the migration assistant where you can start migrating your photos from your old profile.

Where are my comments and questions?

We’ve deleted outdated topics and discussions, but most of the old forum discussions have been migrated to the new platform. We’ve kept a backup, so if there’s anything you deem valuable that hasn’t been carried over to the new community, please let us know and we’ll extract it for you.

What happened to the Classifieds section?

We’ve merged the Classifieds section with the new Community site. You can find the “Classifieds” tab in the Community’s main menu just underneath the logo.

Why can’t I find my Classifieds advert?

Unlike discussions, adverts are only relevant for a short period. With this in mind, we’ve deleted all the adverts. We apologise for any inconvenience of having to take the time to (again) upload adverts that are still applicable.

How to place an advert/sell an item?

  1. Log in (your name will appear in the top right corner of the page).
  2. In the Community menu, select the “Classifieds” tab.
  3. Cross down to “Create New Ad in Classifieds” and complete the form details:
    • Select the applicable forum and sub-forum where you want to place your advert.
    • Upload actual photos of the product that you are selling under the “Attachments” section (image size limit: 5Mb).
    • “Ad Tags” to fill in keywords that will help others find your advert.
  4. Once you have completed all the details and attached the photos, click “Submit” to place the advert.

Warning: The Outdoorphoto Classifieds service is publicly available to anyone and should thus be used with caution. We try our best to prevent any unlawful activity, but cannot take responsibility for any loss, claim or damage as the result of fraudulent activity. If you discover anything suspicious, please do let us know.

How to edit/remove an advert on the Classifieds section

Go to the advert you wish to close. At the top of the post, you will see some buttons for editing or trashing the post. To delete the advert, select “Trash”.

How to renew an advert on the Classifieds section

Classifieds adverts are only valid for 30 days after which they’re automatically deleted. If your item has not been sold by then, you’re welcome to upload it again. We’ll send a reminder notification 5 days before deletion.

What is NSFW content?

These are images that are “not safe for work” containing “nudity, intense sexuality, profanity, violence, gore and/or other potentially disturbing subject matter, which the viewer may not wish to be seen looking at in a public or formal environment, including a workplace or school.” – Wikipedia

How to mark my image as NSFW content?

During the photo upload process, tick the NSFW & Unsuitable Content Disclaimer box. This will hide such content to users who opt out of NSFW content.

How to enable or disable NSFW content

Under “Profile”, select the “Settings” and then “Preferences” tabs. Here, tick or untick the box to show/hide NSFW content, and then select the “Update Preferences” button to implement.

How to report NSFW content

Any logged in member can report NSFW content to admin, who will then mark it as such.

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