///New Canon Speedlite 430 III EX-RT Flash

New Canon Speedlite 430 III EX-RT Flash


The Canon 430 EX III-RT flash is the second speedlite to feature radio-based wireless TTL which offer longer ranges, more workable positioning and no line-of-sight requirements as with IR technology. The 430 EX can act as a master or a slave when making use of the RT system, but is only a slave when using it optically (infrared).


Compared to its predecessor the 430 EX III-RT flash is more portable, lighter and faster, with improved back controls. This includes a larger LCD display and a revived scroll wheel. When it comes to turning heads, this flash can rotate 90º upwards, 150º left, 180º right and also features a catchlight panel. The guide number (43m at ISO 100) and zoom flash range (24-105mm) remains unaltered in comparison to the previous model.



Summary of Major Improvements:


  • More flexible swivel movement (330º to the previous 270º)
  • Addition of the Radio-Based wireless TTL.
  • Faster recycling rate
  • Lighter and more compact
  • Ability to wirelessly master or slave
The Canon 430 EX III-RT flash (front)
The Canon 430 EX III-RT flash (back)
The Canon 430 EX III-RT flash (side)
The Canon 430 EX III-RT flash (top)

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